My Aftershock X340 Monitor Just Died, Anyone Else?

My Aftershock X340 Monitor from this deal just died, wont turn on, no power, guessing the power supply has died.

Just wondering if anyone else who purchased this model has had any similar issues and how they went with claiming warranty with the seller. I'm guessing it's going to cost an absurd amount to send it back to them for warranty.



    Who did you buy it from? when? how did you collect/get it delivered? and how did you pay?


      Who: Aftershock, as per the deal linked above.
      When: When the deal linked above was posted, less than 12 months ago, so still in warranty
      How: They posted it via couriers please
      Payment method: Credit Card via their online store


        Their terms and conditions seem to require you to return it for repair/replacement. This is also as per the ACL.

        Does you cc have any insurance built into purchases?

        Maybe a polite phone call tomorrow asking for help, might help.

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