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Aftershock X340 34" Ultra Wide QHD 100hz 21:9 Monitor $499 Delivered @ Aftershock PC


Hey Ozbargain,

Looks like a pretty good price for an Ultra Wide Curved Display. Aftershock also known as Prism+ in asia? Reviews look nice on youtube. This variant says VESA mount compatible (compared to the ones on youtube).

Personal opinions; pros; price, form factor, VESA mount compatible (shall see with my existing mount) cons; No USB-C

Free shipping on monitors

Easter sale, was targeted on social media (wasnt even looking for a new monitor!)

Heres an aussie review;

"$300" of the sites RRP.

copy pasta from the the site;
Screen Size 34"
Response Time 6ms (GTG)
4 ms (Overdrive)
Aspect Ratio 21:9
Backlight Technology LED
Brightness 300 cd/m²
Panel Technology Vertical Alignment (VA) Technology
Viewing Angle 178° (Horizontal)/178° (Vertical)
Contrast ratio 3000:1
Curvature 1800R
Tilt Yes
Swivel No
Adjustable Height No
VESA Mounting 100 x 100 (with included customer spacers)

Maximum Resolution 3440 x 1440
Refresh Rate 100 Hz @ UWQHD (3440 x 1440)
AMD Freesync Yes

Speakers No
Audio Out Yes

HDMI 2.0
DisplayPort 1.2
DVI Dual-Link (DVI-D)

Power Cables Yes
HDMI Cable No
Display Port Cable Yes
Custom Spacers for VESA Mounting Yes
Addtional Functions

Low Blue light Yes
Flicker Free Yes
Physical Characteristics

Height 365 mm
Width 815 mm
Height with Stand 445 mm
Width with Stand 815 mm
Depth with Stand 250 mm
Weight (Approximate) 6.8 kg
Weight with stand (Approximate) 8.0 kg

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  • +3 votes

    Wow, even cheaper than the class leader, Kogan 34" WQHD Monitor.

    • class leader

      Haha. Specs on paper maybe, but not real world quality nor their support if something goes wrong.

      • I have a 200HZ monitor from Kogan & it is bloody good esp when comparing what I would have to pay for it elsewhere.

  • Very interesting to see them expand. They will give Metabox some real competition if the laptop division expands as well.

    These are re-branded Crossover "34U100"s (korean budget brand) (same as the Kogan 34"), but now that Aftershock/Prism is officially in AU, it comes with consumer law protections. This is pretty much the same price I paid 2 years ago from an eBay 15% off sitewide + a low "make an offer" accepted, would 100% recommend.

    I've also made a calibration profile posted on reddit (search 34U100 calibration profile on Google)

    • For those that don't know these businesses buy panels that LG/Samsung reject for sale to "high quality" brands such as Acer or Asus. It's a bit of a gamble I think but many people seem very happy with quality.

      • So you can only buy laptop by Samsung or LG, only LG, Sharp and Samsung TV/phone/monitor, coz all other brands buy panel from other companies and will be huge risk for you.

        • No, other businesses buy AAA panels from LG but cheaper brands like this are not.

      • considering the amount of crap panels Acer and Asus already send out on these gaming monitors, wouldn't have high expectations for these

      • Its pretty simple. You're buying cheaper panels, but getting them at damn good prices. Will it be as good as the actually tested, verified and approved panels from main sellers? Nope. Will you notice that difference? Probably not without having already owned one of the expensive ones.

        Its a great entry-point to Ultrawide gaming, especially for the price i paid for a 1080p 144hz panel a few years back.

        • Will you notice that difference? Probably not without having already owned one of the expensive ones.

          yup - sort of like discounted overripe but perfectly edible bananas.

    • I have a Crossover 34U100 and it’s been 2 years, still going strong. Really love it. I paid around $650 for it. Good to see a local version!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vvdvjralvs

    Linus reviewed the Korean one (thanks to a comment in a past post)

  • Great news that monitors this size, resolution and refresh rate are becoming quite cheap!

    Worth mentioning their other monitor too:

    Curved as well, but not ultrawide in case not wanted for gaming and also comes in 144hz in 1440p and 31.5 inch.

    • Great website for gaming on ultrawide monitors. Is down temporarily but should be back up soon.

    • Negatives for what? wsgf is where you go for widescreen fixes. Obviously those people haven't got an ultrawide monitor..

    • Yep I know about wsgf.

      I didn't say it wasn't possible to game in ultra wide, I just gave an option for anyone who may not be keen.

      There may be some folk out there that want a standard width 144hz for competitive gaming.

      • Sorry it wasn't directed at you or anyone in particular. You can't edit comments when there's a reply on them so it looks out of place.

        • Haha all good.

          It's a useful comment anyways for anyone who's not in the know when it comes to ultrawide games!

          I think I remember using wsgf (or an earlier rendition) when the first standard wide-screen monitors came out and games were still in 4:3!

  • Nice deal OP. Given the reported substandard quality of the panel I’m worried about dead pixels appearing.

    Their warranty states:

    Should the LCD panel be diagnosed to contain or exceed the following number of non-conforming pixels within the duration of the Warranty period, the LCD panel is then considered as a defect and can be claimed as in warranty service:

    Non-conforming Pixels:
    Bright 3
    Dark 5
    Total 5

    Does anyone have any experience with dead pixels on this brand?

  • Noob question. Do I need this if i don't game? I just use it for email and browsing. Would i notice much difference betwwen this and say a $250 philips the same size?

  • I assume no chance this is a 10bit panel.. Can anyone confirm?

    Also the review states no freesync. But specs say it has it.

  • Are they gsync compatible? cant really find much inforamtion on it

    • Gysnc costs, and Freesync would be better for longevity.

    • Technically any freesync monitor is "able" to be used by an Nvidia card. But it isn't on their list of approved FreeSync monitors, which means its variable refresh range is likely poor. (So you won't get variable refresh at the high refresh anyway).

  • for coding… would you guys recommend this or LG 34WK500-P at $400 from MSY….

  • Would anyone recommend the used/refurb Dell 34 Inch U3415W https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/441251 over this?

    • I think this is a minor issue, I mean if it looks good, image quality, high refresh rate, minimum/no motion blur then I wouldn’t care too much about charging gadgets.

      • Not because of charging, it's for connecting and driving my pixel book straight to the screen via usb-c so I don't need any dongle or converter. It's good monitor at a great price, just the one thing that holds me back.

        I have the https://www.lg.com/au/it-monitors/lg-34UC99 and my pixelbook plugs into it via usb-c and then my mouse and keyboard goes into the monitor via usb so it's a wonderful combo but yes price is very high. The posted aftershock is great value for money.

  • This is a tad more, and 32" instead https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/samsung-32-169-2560x1440-wqhd-1... Samsung 32" 16:9 2560x1440 WQHD 144hz Curved LED Monitor $549

    • Kogan warranty sounds a lot better:

      Where an LED TV, Monitor or Digital Photo Frame shows one or more dead pixels (these are best seen on a white background and they don't have any colour), within the first 12 months after delivery, this will be considered a fault for the purposes of our Warranties. Where an LED TV, Monitor or Digital Photo Frame shows three or more stuck pixels (these are either white, green, red or blue), within the first 7 days after delivery, this will be considered a fault for the purposes of our Warranties.

      But I wouldn't want to deal with Kogan after sales support.

      Besides, the Samsung monitor you've listed is available for ~$20 cheaper at several other Australian resellers.

    • You are comparing apples to oranges, as this is an ultrawide.

    • Your link is to a 16:9 monitor.
      This is a 21:9 ultrawide monitor.

  • It's about half the price of the Acer Predator on sale which has similar specs. The difference being that the Predator has G-Sync instead of Freesync. G-Sync always boosts the price.

  • Anyone know what is the maximum and minimum freesync range is?

  • VA panel for the win..

  • Pulled the trigger for use in the office. Thanks OP!

  • any physical store that displays these monitors?

  • Ok well I’m in, worth a look for my first ultrawide.

    • But you weren't in when you posted it?

      • Wow imagine if everyone bought the thing they posted. There’d be some broke OB folk. But yeah you’re correct.
        There wasn’t too much in the way of reviews and definitely no Gsync support then so didn’t buy it. It’s probably for these reasons it’s been more popular post now.

  • Does anyone know what type of wattage / power draw this device uses on average?

  • Would anyone be able to recommend the most affordable GPU for this monitor? Preferably with SLI?

    • SLI isn't worth it in the vast majority of cases.

      Gtx 1080 / 2070 performance will be able to run it, 1080ti will be able to run it a bit better. If there's a good sale on a Vega then that too.

      • Thank you

      • Eh, Nvlink (what you'd be using now) is apparently decent. Just not well supported.

        2060'd probably be able to run it fine as well, just not to the fullest.

        • It's still SLI, just running over a higher bandwidth connection. Nothing about the core technology has changed. It's a little better, but still stuttery and not worth doing, unless you're doing something like 4k144hz with SLI RTX 2080tis, where you can't physically go for a faster GPU.

          The 2060 would be able to handle new games at low settings, but it might be worth just getting a lower resolution monitor at that point. Personal preference I guess.

    • Depends if you wanna do 4K or 1080p.

      I just bought this and I did so I could throw more money towards a 2080Ti which is probably the best atm for reliable 4K frame rate.

      If you’re rolling 1080 than anything like a rx580 or rtx2600 would probably do.

  • Is it a 4k monitor?
    I am looking for a good quality but reasonable priced 4k Monitor
    I don't play games, only watch video.

    Any recommendation?

    Many Thanks.

  • That x240 for $239 sounds like a decent deal.

    I get that its only FHD VA but it is 144hz.

  • Shame I'm not looking to spend $500 right now. Looks nice as hell (for the price anyways)

  • Thanks OP. I just bought three x315 Pros and an Omnidesk too. Entire office sorted. Looks like a good sale.

  • Hasn't expired yet. Just bought one. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks for posting OP.

    I went into their St Kilda Rd store to take a look before buying. The had none in stock on site but I put down a payment for a Friday pickup. Nothing like spur of the moment purchases. :)

    • Can you share your thoughts when you set it up please? Curious on ghosting, gsync compatibility, colour quality in particular.