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Star Wars X Wing Miniatures From $9.99 (Was $24.99) + $8.99 Shipping @ Games Empire


Hi All
I just got some bargain 1st Ed ships, looks like they are clearing some of these.

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  • What is expansion pack?
    Star Wars: X-Wing: Phantom II On Sale × 1 $11.99
    Star Wars: X-Wing: B-Wing × 1 $11.99
    Star Wars: X-Wing: Auzituck Gunship × 1 $11.99
    Star Wars: X-Wing: TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack × 1 $11.99
    Star Wars: X-Wing: T-70 X-Wing Expansion Pack × 1 $11.99

    • They are all expansion packs to me

      • Are these pieces in a board game?

        • X-Wing is a tabletop game, you kind of think of it as freeform chess, where movement is dictated not by squares on a board, but by movement templates (essential rules of varying lengths, some straight, some curved), and combat is handled by rolling dice.

          If you want to get started, you'd need to pickup a Starter set, which includes some ships, rulebooks, dice, templates, movement dials and a variety of cards (used for tracking pilots, abilities and damage).


          Recently, they came out with a 'second edition' which changes some of the rules and game mechanics. Because of this, the original first edition products are being discounted.

          You can still play with first edition, but if you want to play competitions at boardgame stores or conventions, you'll need to be setup for second edition (you can buy 'conversion kits' to give you the missing pieces to update first edition to second edition).

          A starter set can be had for the same price as a board game, and is a great way to get into the game.

          Personally I still play first edition, as I only play casually with my son and family.

  • You need the core pack to play, which is $27.99 on the site and an absolute bargain for a brand new set. Highly recommended for casual/introductory play.

  • Damn, I have Armada OP but not X-Wing…. tempting.

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