How Have You Redeemed Your Qantas Points?

I've read several point spending guides like the round-the-world trips in business and heard about selling points for around 1c each.

For me I'm not sure business class upgrades or business reward flights are worth it since I don't value a business seat that much over economy. Business vs economy looks like several hundred dollars worth of points more for an international flight.

I'm interested to hear individual opinions about peoples preferences for spending Qantas points on travel. (Including selling and using the money to travel!)
If you redeemed for flights or an upgrade, can you tell us what the effective value of your points was and the fees you needed to pay?

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    Sell the points
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    I am flying to Tokyo in October, that's direct with Qantas from Brisbane. Then coming back from Osaka, but I have to fly Jetstar to Cairns, then a Qantaslink flight from Cairns back to Brisbane. Came to 52,000 points I think. Flights were about ~$900 I think.

    Then I am using points to go to Europe next year. Emirates to Istanbul, and then Emirates returning from St Petersburg was about 112,000 I think.


      Sounds like economy flights? These are the kind of point costs I've been seeing which are below 1c/point imo.

      e.g. $1120 + $300 fees, to Europe doesn't seem like a good deal maybe for routes including Istanbul and St Petersburg that is reasonable?


        Yes economy.

        And the same flights to Europe with Emirates are about $1700. So to me it is worth it.

        And I don't care about the relative value of the points to what I would pay for the flights. To me the points were free. 20k for AusSuper, 80k for St George Visa, $60k for an AMEX.

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          And I don't care about the relative value of the points to what I would pay for the flights

          You should. I bet you the $900 flight was a direct flight, now you've got a connection on the return leg.

          If you really didn't care, you'd just cash our the points for gift cards or sell the points.

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            @salmon123: Probably was.

            If I bought a Woolworths $250 gift card with the 50k of points, I would have gotten a $250 gift card…..yay :|

            And selling the points carries a bit of risk of losing my QFF account.

            To me, I paid about $200 of fees for flights to Japan, that's what I care about. Not POTENTIAL dollar value of those points.



              If I bought a Woolworths $250 gift card with the 50k of points, I would have gotten a $250 gift card…..yay :|
              And selling the points carries a bit of risk of losing my QFF account.

              Sounds like you've already done a trade-off on the value of the points and were happy to settle at something over .5c (gift cards) but less then 1.Xc (what you could sell the points for), but I guess that doesn't sound as macho as saying 'I don't care'

              Not sure why my comment got a neg, you obviously do care.


                @salmon123: I didn't neg you.

                But no I did no do some cost/benefit analysis of my points to work out which route I will go regarding how I redeem the points. I hadn't even looked at what I can sell the points for, or what else I could redeem them for besides flights.

                I collected the points for the express reason of booking a holiday. As soon as they hit my QFF account, I looked at where I wanted to go (have wanted to see Japan since I was a teenager), saw I had enough points, found dates that worked around my job, and booked it.

                I haven't had a holiday in a few years, and I really wanted one this year. So yeah I didn't care what the potential cash benefit of the points were, I wanted a holiday so I booked one.


    I spent 80,000 Qantas points today on the outbound leg of a return flight from Hobart to Tokyo (2 people) after being triggered by this deal and considering travelling to Japan for a couple years. When comparing the points to the sale fare price, the effective value of the points was almost 0.7c, which was slightly disappointing, but that's still 80,000 points for a $550 saving and all I had to do for the points was sign up for a credit card…

    I have some extra motivation to spend the points instead of accumulating them since I hit gold status this year through my work by pure luck scheduling two big flights during the two double status promos. No chance of maintaining it so I want to take advantage of the lounges while I can!


      The fees on my reward flights were around $170pp

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      I would say you should compare your reward flight against the price of other airlines to understand the real opportunity cost associated with your points. but it sounds like you got the best deal because you haave gold status lounge access with Qantas.

      I agree with you in redeeming economy flights. I just spent 117,500 Qantas points on economy flights to Europe return (thanks to credit card bonuses over the years). I could not have gone as far as Europe on business class with my points.

      Fees were $632 and effective value per point was 0.85c compared to the next cheapest airfare (Etihad).

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      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but when you make a redemption on points with Qantas (classic reward) you don't get any status credits or points for the flights.

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    I’m 6”5 so I value business class. I can see why people don’t though.

    I’d use them to travel. You can get pretty good value tickets to Europe on Qatar business.

    Round the world tickets on one world are pretty good value. If you call the premium team(i.e you have gold status use it!) they can help you


    Delongi Primadonna Elite yo

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    Next redemption is to Europe for 104,000 points one way business. Cash fare equiv of $6800 at current ticket prices.

    Can't remember the fee but would be around 700ish. That's 5.8 cents per point.

    I'd say that is pretty good.

    Economy redemption is not the best value but I guess it depends on your priority. If you want to get to as many places as possible and don't get about business benefits, then definitely go for economy redemption.

    As a side note, Krisflyer is so much better. 106,000 points for business return to Tokyo, with almost no fees.


      Krisflyer is so much better. 106,000 points for business return to Tokyo

      Interesting - where are you pricing this from? I'm getting 182k krisflyer points Saver rtn from SYD/MEL-HND, or 94K SIN-HND…

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    Most savvy points users know redeeming business/first class flights get bang for your points however if flying business does not get you motivated but more importantly does not work for your situation, then there are a tonne of alternative ways to spend your points - gift cards, donating, obtaining goods etc. At the end of the day the Qantas frequent flyer woops spending program means you can earn a tonne of points without ever flying and spend a tonne of points on non-flights.

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    I redeemed 338k points for wifey and I recently on Singapore Airlines next European summer - SYD-SIN-LHR in economy, and BCN-SIN-SYD Business return. $450 fees total for both of us, including 2 night stopover in SIN on way back.

    I would probably value the same itinerary/carrier as about $3k in Y, so look at it as I'm getting 0.0075 cents per point but with a whole leg in business.

    I definitely value points for J class flights (it's why I collect them; this batch of points was probably a couple years Amex+flybuys points) and even though this itinerary has one way in Y (It's not a great return on points) I still think it is decent value for the time of year (overlapping winter school holidays here). Plus I still got to save about 130k Velocity points for the next trip!


    I am happy to use my points in economy providing I get at least 1 cent per point. Otherwise I pay cash. This year I have got 1.2c pp going to Chile and back and have also bought tickets around South America for my eldest son where sometimes I have got over 2c pp.

    I have also used some SQ points to fly to Europe and back in business class in October where I have got well over 2c pp.


      How do you find availablity for flights in South America?

      When I searched a few months ago, none were available.

      Any tips would be appreciated.

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        Only some of the flights show up on the QF website. QF partner in SA is LATAM. For example you can find SCL - BOG one way but not BOG - SCL. You have to ring up to book. I have never been charged the phone booking fee when the flight cannot be booked online. Two flights in SA I have booked this year are;

        Cusco to Cartagena via Lima and Bogota one way - $A80 + 20k points.
        Bogota to Santiago one way - $A97 + 24.5k points.

        Generally flying around SA is not cheap. LATAM were selling Bogota to Santiago for about A$700 when I booked although you can do it cheaper by going indirectly.



          I'll bear this in mind for the next trip.

          A few years ago I paid $500 for a one-way from Manaus to Lima. (via Panama on Copa Airlines), so anything to help ease the rip-off prices will help.


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    If I have surplus points and don't have the opportunity to get leave for work, I use the points at the store, I know it's not a great exchange rate, but sometimes there is stuff on sale. I still maintain enough points to keep all options on the table for a future holiday.


    I use them for flights too

    but quick question, how do I use my points to UPGRADE? I can see the search to buy with points on QFF portal, but how do I do upgrade? TIA


    Lots of great stories here! Great to hear about how people spend on business. I'm still surprised by how many people have said business in the poll!

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    Going from Lisbon to HK in January on Emirates first class. Get to experience both the A380 and 777ER.


    Economy during school holidays is best bang for your buck when alternatives are expensive since most would never fly business if they had to pay full freight

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    Absolutely have used them for business class flights. I booked a trip for next year that takes me to a couple of stops in Europe, then a couple of stops in the US, then a stop in Tokyo before returning to Aus. All business class (including Qatar Qsuites) for 280k points + $1200 fees. I don't know what a round-the-world biz class would cost but I'm pretty happy paying $1200 for it.

    I've also used them to legally get naked in the sky in the Emirates A380 First suite shower :)

    That said, that was the last of my Qantas points. Their redemption costs are way too high vs something like Cathay Asia Miles (which I earn through Amex). The same "round-the-world" redemption above that is now 318k points on Qantas, is 210k on Asia Miles.


      So true, but Qantas points are just so easy to pick up, plus the Amex devaluation has really hurt the Asia Miles points gathering. Oh for the good old days.

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    Last November I used 339,000 points to fly to London in first class on Emirates on the way there, then Qatar in business class on the way back. Fees were about $1500.

    I've also done a round the world in first class for 420,000 points for a trip to Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, London & Washington DC. That let me try out first class on Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, British Airways, American Airlines & Qantas. That would have cost well over $20,000.


    Noob question. As you are not allowed to book sale fares to upgrade to business using points, that means you have to pay the higher fare for a chance to upgrade as its not guaranteed unless you have gold status or higher. So people take these risks and then suck it up if you dont get the upgrade?

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    Spent 4000 of my points (and $270) on a business class upgrade on my flight from Melbourne to Perth. Really enjoyed both the business longue, and the business class. Would do it again when I can. Also redeemed a cheap economy class flight from Sydney to Townsville (think that was like ~8000ish points)


    Definitely recommend booking RTW!

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