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25% off Orders over $15 @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


I just saw this come up in my app and it may be targeted to select users so please check before going in.

The offer is 25% off orders over $15, with the offer expiring in 5 days.

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    It's targeted… only a few of my accounts have it. It's been popping up on different accounts for the past few weeks.

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    I only have the $1 for small fries offer.

    The only thing I buy from Maccers is 6 hamburgers for $6, so I think my account has been blacklisted for being a tightwad.

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      Nearly hit the big time 15 of em for $11.25 lol .


        Not gonna lie I am tempted to buy just that but the nearest McDonald's is like 2 hours away from me by train one way.. Yeah.

        It is domino's or subway up here and honestly I love subway but hard to justify the cost sometimes compared to a domino's pizza.

        I feel like I am paying a huge premium almost double or triple what it would cost to make a pizza.


    Got it yesterday .


    gotten it a few times…