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[Refurb] Samsung S10 128GB + Samsung Case $849, S9 64GB + Samsung Case $489, S8 64GB with Pelican Cover $349 Shipped @ Phonebot


Iv been able to squeeze some good pricing on Samsung’s flagship devices. All grade A phones with original Samsung Warranty. Most of the galaxy S10 are barely used & from a corporate buyback, hence don’t include the original box.
A-Grade handset – Example here might have a mark or two but overall in excellent nick. Also includes fast charger and cable in generic white box

Brand New Samsung Galaxy S10 128 gb 24 Month Samsung warranty $1029
Refurb Samsung Galaxy S10, 128 gb, 18 months Samsung warranty with free Samsung Silicone Case$849
Refurb Samsung Galaxy S10, 512gb, 18 months Samsung warranty $949
Refurb Samsung Galaxy S8, 64gb, 6 months Samsung Warranty with free Pelican Case$349
Refurb Samsung Galaxy S9, 64 gb, 12 months Samsung Warranty with free Samsung Protective Case $489
Refurb Samsung Galaxy S10+, 128gb,18 Months Samsung Warranty with free LED Back Cover $949
Refurb Samsung Galaxy S10+, 512gb, 18 Months Samsung Warranty with free LED back Cover$1049

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• 7 Days change of mind returns
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    Wow these Sammy phones do drop in value in such a short time, not even a year!

    • +2 votes

      You expect refurbished S10s to cost more?


      S11 wil be out in a few months. I think the drop is fair.

      • +7 votes

        You mean half a year? That's not any time close lol

      • +13 votes

        Apple looks after iPhone buyers with new OS releases and updates

        Sure, just hope Apple doesn't slow your phone down on purpose with those updates. ;)

        I always chuckle when Samsung owners accuse iPhone owners as being sheep

        It's not so much sheep, it's more like… iPhone owners are trapped in their world. It's difficult for them to escape because all their app purchases are only available on iPhones. And the only features they can get are what Apple gives them.

        "But the only features I need are the ones Apple gives me!" — till Apple finally adds those missing features… suddenly those features are awesome.

        On the other hand, Android users have choice. Want to try out the highly-rated camera on the P30 Pro? Just buy it, all your apps will work. The nice OLED screen and stylus support on the Note 10 interests you? Just buy it, all your apps will work. Want a cheap but good phone? Grab a OnePlus or Mi Mix 3 or Nokia. This year's flagship phone is boring? Try a different brand.

        while rocking Android 7 full of bloatware.

        Bloatware? Sounds like you haven't used Android phones much, and are just repeating what some old reviews complain about.

    • +3 votes

      lol, s10 was $849 brand new some time ago, note 10 is $899 brand new

      • +2 votes

        Yeah. For refurbs of a six month old model these S10 prices are not all that exciting.

  • +5 votes

    Hard to imagine these will sell well seeing how lots of people got a new s10 from the samsung store for basically the same price.


      Yeah prob worth a down vote I got my new aus stock for less.

      • +1 vote

        how did u get s10 for less than $849? thats the lowest ive seen.


          At the moment I think its 60 dollars more for a new one. Box fresh, no battery wear, no used ear buds… why would you get this? For a case worth maybe 30 bucks? Nah.

        • +2 votes

          Grey import s10 was 799 sold by qd_au which is a reputable seller over here, local stock lowest was 849 from the sydney mobile few months back or 877 almost regularly from the samsung edu store.

          All of this are new compared to the 849 offered here which is refurb