Shopback / Dell wrong cashback issue

I'm wondering if anyone else has had issues with Shopback promoting a higher cashback than what they pay for Dell computers?

I ordered a ~$3700 Dell XPS 15 laptop on 12/8. When I clicked through the Shopback website to make the purchase from Dell, the advertised cashback for XPS models was 9%.

However, a cashback of only 3% appeared in my Shopback account. I immediately lodged an inquiry with Shopback with a screenshot from their webpage that showed the cashback as being 9%.

A couple of weeks later I received an email from Shopback stating "I have gotten an update from my internal team, and they have advised that on the date of purchase there were no upsize in cashback, therefore you have received the correct cashback in your ShopBack account".

As far as I can tell I have no further options to pursue this, as the Shopback rep has not responded to my request for them to investigate further.

Anyone else had similar a experience?

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    screenshot from their webpage that showed the cashback as being 9%.

    Your web browser could have been showing old cache
    Do you remember what it said when leaving the SB website? (Congratulations <name> you are on your way to xx% cashback at Dell Australia!)

    Something similar has happened in the past. I do not recall what the cashback value was on that day and I have looked everywhere to see if there was some record of it however I couldn't find anything. I would get in contact with the ShopBack Rep


    Did you get an e-mail saying it tracked and the amount? The one that usually comes when they recognise your cashback.


    I have had problems too but I got some weird percentage back (like 5.2%) instead of 12%. Currently awaiting a decision by shopback. I bought an Inspiron laptop.

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