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Cabac 8 Way High Protection Surge Power Board PB80 $29.65 Delivered @ Joltronic


The 8 Way Powerboard Mains/Phone Line Filter is ideal to protect a computer and phone/ADSL connection.

PB80 Features
Surge protection:
- 3444 Joule protection, using massive ganged MOV's
- Maximum spike current 144,000A
- Maximum spike voltage 6kV
- Full line protection L-N, N-E, L-E
- Clamping voltage 710V
- Response time < 1 Nanosecond

LED displays advise:
- Protection circuit is working
- Board is correctly earthed, or protection cannot work

  • Four of the outlets are widely spaced for power packs
  • Noise protection capacitor 0.47++F
  • Coax cable line protection (F type connection)
  • Cord length 1.8m

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