17" Gaming Laptop Under 2k?

Hey guys, sometimes I'm away interstate for work and I could do with a gaming laptop something along the lines of

  • 17" and 120hz+ screen
  • I play CSGO, Rocket League, Football Manager and sometimes Divinity, Xcom. Not bothered by the need of ultra graphics settings.
  • As light as it can be
  • Under 2k

Looking on the web, seems like the MSI GF75 or similar seems it.

  1. Just wondering if there are other alternatives?
  2. Has anyone had previous experience with gaming on 15" and 17" laptops?

Thanks guys


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    Just wondering if there are other alternatives?

    Here's some: https://search.pccasegear.com/computer/120hz-Laptop?view=lis...

    Has anyone had previous experience with gaming on 15" and 17" laptops?

    Yes and it was awful. I doubt 120hz on a 17" is going to give you a good experience. I once had the HP HDX Dragon 20" which was ideal for gaming on the go, anything smaller I wouldn't personally consider.


      Damn, that's depressing. My other plan was to build a mini-itx… not sure how a 24" monitor and a mini-itx can get transported okay with the initial and concluding flight…

      Might have to test csgo on someones 17" screen laptop first before committing


      Considering the Infinity S2060-CD there


    I got this deal earlier: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/470466

    Got an extra 8gig ram for 50 bucks.

    Very happy with it and much lighter/smaller (small bezels) than my old one. I would disregard above comment about 120hz on 17". It depends on the use case. I have to travel for work and anything larger than 17" makes traveling difficult. 17" is the perfect backpack size for airports.


      Ah okay, wondering how gaming is like on it? Kinda struggling with my 13.9" one atm with CSGO as one slight movement of the mice can miss the target big time


        I am fine with it but I don't play flick response fps. But 17.3 from 13.9 would be a big difference. The problem is above 17.3 becomes impractical for regular travel imo. Also it is a small market so you would overpay due to lack of competition. That being said if you are driving to a location you can always bring a monitor then as mini display port is fairly standard.

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        It should the same price again tomorrow

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    I game on a 15" 120Hz laptop and am happy with it. A 17" might be nicer but I need portability.

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