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[PC] Steam - Injustice: Gods among us Ult. Edition/Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY/Lego Batman - $0.91 AUD each - Greenmangaming


This is a very good deal for Injustice: Gods among us Ultimate edition.

Also, for those of you who want some of the freebie games currently on Epic (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/483169) on Steam this is a good deal to get them cheaply (if you do not already have them):

Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY: https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/batman-arkham-asylum-ga...

Lego Batman: https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/lego-batman-the-videoga...


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    Started playing Arkham City last night, great game I highly recommend grabbing that one for free off Epic!


    thanks got injustice


      wanna fight me bro

      I have never played this game you can be my first


        I have never played it either and I probably never will judging by my steam library. I also bought games like rage, batman etc from greenmangaming for cheap but never played them

        Also 1.6k games what the hell bro how'd you manage that


          Yeah same I will probably never get around to playing it unless somebody else forces me or makes me which is kind of why I put out the offer so I have a more reason or chance now to play it.

          And to answer the last question ahh yeah.. partly thanks to Lysander lol and others on this website and very crazy hunting via isthereanydeal.com, gg.deals, /r/GameDeals, indiegala.com, fanatical.com, gamesplanet, gamersgate, voidu, g2a, kinguin, instantgaming, gamivo, chrono.gg, boy you name it I have probably bought from it lol although I wanna say I am slowing down now as I have collected most of what I wanted but there is always more more MORE!!!

          yeah I have a problem and it is hoarding and getting things for best value or dirt cheap as you may have noticed lol.. most people buy at a discount I buy at a super discount.. historical lowest or lower in a bundle is my life and motto.

          psst ignore what the above guy said send help he is keeping me and my bank account hostage I have a problem.. ok he is coming back gotta go now


        lol, added u


    Anyone else having problem registering an account? It's just stuck when clicking on register


    Got Injustice which comes with a 20% off code for Batman titles. Don't think there is any need for this as Epic is already giving away batman games for free. But if anyone wants it, feel free to use: WE9Q31-HICM7R-H9PBCH




      Yes it has expired good catch good call.

      Thanks for your contribution we need more people like you to help the mods and overall ozbargain team.