AFL Grand Final Tickets - How to Get Them?

Anyone have any idea of an affordable way to get Grand Final tickets if you're not the right membership level? I'm a diehard Richmond fan but can't think of a way to get tickets…


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    Most tickets are allocated to Corporate / Business.
    Get a job in sales marketing and get invited.

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    Probably almost no hope of getting a ticket for the grand final but there are a couple of alternatives for viewing:

    Go to Fed Square and watch the big screen with a bunch of other people.

    Stand outside the ground and stream it, you can certainly hear the crowd quite loudly on the outside as well.

    Go to the open day on the Sunday after the grand final. They replay the game on the big screen. You can also do kick to kick and some people even have a hit of cricket.

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    AFL Event Office is still selling some but they are not cheap but guaranteed tickets, other than that, you're probably out of luck unless you happen to win a competition for them or something.


    Join the MCC.

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      OP wants them for 2019, not 2059.

      The good news is tickets are still available from AFL Events for only $3,080 if you want the Lawn Package, or $4,210 if you'd like lunch at Crown before the game.

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        Yep, when I made my post above there was some for around 1700 but they've all gone…you might be able to pick some up cheap now if Pies fans happened to buy them 😁

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    Hoping to be able to buy tickets from a Collingwood fan or something now

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    diehard Richmond fan

    How come you don't have the right membership level?

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      MCC member but still restricted so no Grand Final. Richmond member on top which basically equates to a club donation in exchange for a member scarf each year. Can't justify the added cost on top of those memberships every year. Is that good enough for you?


    Heaps of legit ones on gumtree.

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    Last year we were on holidays in Sydney. As it looked possible that WCE were going to make the finks, I booked my husband and 17 year old son flights to Melbourne for the weekend before the price became astronomical They are WCE members but missed out in the ballot and the resale. They stood outside the ground with a sign. They were offered tickets people didn’t want. One offer was $5000 for a corporate box seat. The next two were single seats at ticket value. One was standing and one was in the middle of a Collingwood group.

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    I think the only real option is spending $3k or so for a corporate package, if you don’t win in the ballot/not gold or guaranteed tickets.

    I’m an Adelaide supporter and didn’t win the ballot, but still drove over for the experience. My mate and I had $1k each in cash to buy scalped tickets on the ground, but people had signs up offering $2k or more so that didn’t happen.

    Ended up in a pub in Richmond watching it. It was awesome fun! Had numerous Richmond supporters buy me a beer too after we got smashed lol.


    You would have to think that this year should be the easiest to get tickets that someone wants to offload, with GWS having a small (by AFL standards) fanbase.
    However, unlike the NRL where sometimes they don't even sell out a GF, this is a huge event and is always sold out and hard to get tickets for.

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