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NetGear Powerline Wi-Fi 1000 Mbps (PLW1000-100AUS) $125.59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been monitoring for deals on Netgear Powerline ethernet over power access points and this set is currently priced well. Around $199 at most stores and camelcamel also confirms this as good deal.

These devices are good at connecting separate part of your house wired (over your house wiring system) without actually running network cables throughout.

Don't forget cashback.

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  • This or get something like tenda MW6?

    • I have a mesh wifi at home (two storeys) and still have few weak spots. I use these to bridge the gaps.

    • Every house can be quite different. I went away from these things post mesh personally. Generally you can expect around 100-150mbps realistically.

      For me it's Mesh, these, daylight repeaters/extenders, daylight, single router.

    • Hmm Mw6 or Mw3?

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