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Lodge L410 Cast Iron Sportsman's Grill, Black $139.97 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Sportsman Hibachi Cast Iron Grill

This rugged, charcoal hibachi-style grill is perfect for picnics, tailgating, camping, or patio. A draft door regulates the heat, and coals are accessible behind a flip-down door. Grill has two adjustable heights.

Cast Iron Grill Grate produces superior results.
Door allows for coals to be added.
Sliding mechanism enhances airflow.
Made in USA.

Good price for this BBQ, brother picked one up this time and should be a bit of fun.

You gotta have prime for this to be worth it, otherwise you'll be paying double to ship this hunk of metal across an ocean.

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    48cm x 21cm

    no thanks…


    perfect for grilling one steak at a time

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    Delivery is more expensive than the item. Lol.

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    15kg. Good for bicep curls on weekdays.


    FWIW check out the Weber Go Anywhere for a portable 'hibachi' style barbecue. https://www.weber.com/AU/en/barbecues/charcoal-range/portabl...

    Cheaper (rrp $130, often cheaper), lighter, cools down quicker, legs let you use it on a picnic table, lid works as wind break or for baking….


      Yep, and plenty of knock-offs for $20-$50.
      Or if you want rectangular, one of the $78 mini spit roasters at Bunnings

      THe cast iron bit means it’s not very portable.

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    is perfect for ….tailgating,

    Yep, nothing like cooking some steak doing 120 on the ring road, only a few feet from the bloke in front.

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    I can vouch for this cast iron grill! Bought it last time in the Amazon sales a little cheaper than this but even at this price with free delivery is well worth it. I used it already at least 5 times for grilling things like chicken sate sticks, lamb chops and just last night for grilling 3x300g wagyu scotch fillets (fit perfectly in a row). The results were just amazing as you get a nice crisp from the coals and the taste and aroma was different from just grilling in a pan.

    This thing is sturdy and I just placed inside my gas BBQ (on the grill plate) and used the gas BBQ lid to cover as I grill things

    The only thing I found difficult is to get the coals lighted. I didn’t have any coal starters last time so it took a while with paper and sticks lol

    Cleaning this grill was easy. I just scraped off anything that stuck to the grill into the fire. Done. Once the grill is cooled down, I tip out the ashes.

    For me the size of this grill is good enough for a family although you will take 2-3 rounds or so to fit the meats In and to finish cooking what you want. But that is perfectly fine considering once the coals are lighted, this thing is HOT and will cook quickly so it’s not much waiting. You will have to watch the grilling closely as it could burn thin meats quickly.

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    Imagine the carbin footprint created when airfreighting a 14kg item 14,000kms. Good lord.

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      So, without this item the plane won't fly?



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      Imagine the carbon footprint of producing and shipping 17+ cheap grills in your lifetime (not counting future lifetimes) when you could of got this one and never need another! And your great great grandkids will be using it long after we've all died from the climatepocalypse


    Bought one! Thanks OP

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