Specs for Witcher 2 (not 3) ultra settings

I'm running a R5 2600, RX5700 reference (non XT), 16 GB of cosair 3200mhz vengeance, crucial mx500, and I'm getting massive slow down in open areas in the Witcher 2 on ultra settings. Fps drops to 11 with heaps of stutter depending on where my character is facing.

Is this right? Is the game unoptimized or is it my rig? I've got the latest Radeon drivers. I've been out of PC gaming for a while so forgive my noobness.



    Tried disabling Hairworks?

    Doesn't work very well on non-nvidia graphics AFAIK.


    What resolution?


    Did you just blindly turn up all the settings???

    if you did, you really shouldn't do that.

    I recall getting a solid 60fps with an r9 280x and i5 3570k at 1080p.

    There are some unnecessarily taxing settings in witcher 2, including supersampling which renders your game at a higher resolution (I think it was 4k). Another one was MSAA i think it was, it goes up to crazy high like 8x or 16x. You only need 2x at most.

    Turn off motion blur too, it makes your game look like shit

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