Can i trust Techrific with iPhone 11 super cheap plan?

I got a phone call from a guy who work in Techrific
He sent email…

Dear Valuable Customers :

We are running promotions of best cheaper value plans Postpaid/Prepaid of all kinds of latest mobile phones with absolutely free of cost ( No Upfront Cost ) so as our conversation , there are some best value plans regarding

In Just $50 Device : I phone 11 ( 256 GB ) Contract Length : 24 Months
In Just $55 Device : I phone 11 Pro ( 256 GB ) Contract Length : 24 Months
In Just $60 Device : I phone 11 Pro Max ( 512 GB ) Contract Length : 24 Months

Colours Available:
Space Grey
Midnight Green

Unlimited National Calls and Text ( within Aus)
Unlimited Land line calls ( within Aus)
40 GB Internet Data Browsing
Unlimited International Calls and Text ( 10 Selected Countries )
5 GB Data Roaming

Customer will get the mobile phone without paying anything and the the first 14 days will be the trail days.Customer will use the phone and services free for the 14 days If customer like the phone and services then he will keep it if do not then he/she can return the phone to our warehouse address by just call our customer service

Can i trust them??

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  • Even they told me if i made 3-4 plan. They will give me applewatch series 3… :0

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    Given the poor grasp of English in this email, I'd say no, it sounds like a scam.

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    I phone

    Never buy an iPhone from somone who spells it as I phone.

    I learnt the hard way by purchasing an S Ten

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    Google them and see some of the reviews

    TGF and Techrific Australia are not companies in Australia. It's just a postbox. I got my phone from shenzhen/China. I CANNOT recommend this companies!

    Made a purchase of 3 items
    2 turned up one mysteriously didnt arrive
    Of the 2 that did show both are a joke
    After harrassing tech-rific for the tracking details i finally got the tracking information and it says shipped from china! The phone and tablet say samsung but i can 100% promise they are NOT samsung … looks like cheap knock offs

    WORST customer experience that I have ever had.
    Communication is lacking, the product I bought was intended tor use in a different market, NOT AUSTRALIAN STOCK!


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    Scammmm come on. Your scam radar should be pinging like mad.

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    Lol @ the negs - lots of refurb stock

    Read this!

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    "Dear Valuable Customers" says it all.

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    IPhone 11 Pro Max 512Gb costs $2499.

    24 months @ $60 = $1440.

    Amazing deal - buy lots!

  • Yeah just the punctuation and spelling scream scam to me.
    Make sure you install Common Sense 2019 in case of similar events in the future