Alternatives to 28 Degrees Card that No Longer Offer Price Protection to New Applicants

Hi guys,

I was about to apply for a 28 Degrees Credit card but noticed they no longer offer Price Protection to new applicants.

Does anybody know of a good alternative card with shoppers protection?


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    Go Mastercard is one of the few that still offer it -

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      Just had a quick look and unfortunately its only offered existing policy holders

    • go MasterCards are issued by latitude, same as 28 degree cards.

      seems like latitude is discontinuing the insurance group wide.

    • That's good to know I have a platinum Go card which I've not used in years and never applied for the 28 degree card as didn't want another CC

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    Not good news.. this price protection policy was too good to last. Glad the Coles and 28D policies are grandfathered..

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    My friend applied the card about 12 days ago and he still got he price protection

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    Bankwest has a card that has no forex fees. Edit: not sure of any others with price protection (Westpac Altitude black has something but its not as good and charges forex)

  • Merged from No More Price Protection Features on New 28 Degree Card Holders

    I have heard so many good things about 28 degrees credit card and I finally signed up 28 degrees card solely for Price Protection feature on the card.

    But when I received the new card and called to Lattitude financial insurance team, they advised me that there will be no more price protection for the new cardholders.

    I have explained my situation as I only signed up their 28 degrees credit card for the price protection features for my future purchases like big TVs and smartphones. But their response is like sorry we cannot help you and if you don't need the card we can help you to close the account.

    I am so disappointed. What should I do now? :(((

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      Cancel it

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        Most probably yes.
        Now I am searching for a new card that has price protection just like 28 degrees cards have.

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      Demand compensation

      • +1 for the /s lol

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      I had mine delivered like 2 weeks ago. Looks like I just scraped in!

  • Seems they also cut the concierge service not that many people use it.

    Shrinking the benefits, must be tough times for them haha

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    It's ozbargained, discussed in the note 10 preorder deal thread, must have got huge number of new signup s then huge number of claims 9n the day of apple event. Problem is, the Samsung education store price is not available to public, but there are so many people tried it and got away with it , this kills the hen, no more egg

    • It was way too good to last even without being ozbargained. It wasn't compulsory insurance so people like me that never bothered with it don't pay to subsidize the people that use it regularly.

      Also a lot of smart people pay down the balance before month end bill gets finalized so they effectively get the insurance 'for free'.

      Ozbargaining that probably didn't help tho lol

  • People could be more patient and wait for the public price to drop then claim slowly randomly,it's one year price protection! not like this Hugh sign ups, huge claims, everyone got $410 to $560 just 2 weeks after sign ups , this made it not sustainable

  • It's hard decision for the boss but they have to

  • Hmm, anyone know how to check if you have access to the price protection insurance?

    I know I was offered it a while ago but initially didn’t take it up. Don’t remember if I signed up to it later on.

    • Hmm, under the insurance tab it says "Credit card insurance: We are not currently issuing new policies." Don't know if that just prevents from new applicants.

      Can anyone know has price protection what they see under the Insurance tab?

      • After logged into my account, I see below under the insurance tab:

        "Great news! Our records show that your Latitude 28 Degrees Global Platinum Mastercard already has Shopper's Protection insurance."

        • I've had my card for many years and don't see this.

          Apparently you needed to sign up and pay for it. bugger

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    Scrapping this insurance that can be easily exploited was probably one of the moves made to prepare Latitude for the upcoming IPO

  • this is a sad news.

  • When I argued about re adding insurance to one of my latitude cards, they said the online option of adding insurance would be gone by end of September and that they no longer added it over the phone.
    They said it was due to insurance reforms (Royal commission in the financial sector etc)

    Makes sense as super funds also had to make changes too.

    • As in those approved can still get it until end of the month?

      • From my understanding, the online option should still be there to add it in.

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        Actually i've just logged in via desktop, looks like it is gone "Credit card insurance: We are not currently issuing new policies." damn! This is for the card i originally lodged a complaint about.

        Wonder if AFCA can help me to re add the insurance hmm.

  • Is this card even worth compared to others as a main CC without price protection now?

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      It's good for overseas purchases and use - no international transaction fees.

      But no reward points so not really useful for everyday use.

      No annual fee makes it good to keep for ongoing overseas use - i use this one each time i travel.

      There are so many cards for everyday use you could look into - i'd suggest looking at the credit card wiki then deciding what you want out of the card rewards wise (ie. flyer points or gift cards etc etc)

      • Just worried as I already signed up for this one so unsure if I’lll even be approved for a rewards one.

  • Stupid question, I have had 28 degrees (latitude now) for 10ish years, if i wanted to claim price protection do i need to add some sort of insurance? I recently claim a small $100 price protection, but they wrote back that had not purchased insurance on the account? I thought this was default on the cc…? Anyone know?

    • Yep you had to opt into the insurance at the cost of 1% of the monthly closing balance of your account

    • Yes you had to specifically opt in. Not a default, but more like an option

      • damn. had no idea

      • i remember in my early years of ozbargaining and i signed up for it -
        when i went to activate it via phone the lady offered it and i said hey why not.

        so glad i did.

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    It's been a while but has anyone found a credit card with decent price protection insurance? All of the cards either don't support online purchase or require printed advertisement.

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