My Honda Accord Is Broken, Need Help and Advice!

Hi all,

Just wanted to seek some help and advice regarding my car (Honda Accord Euro CL9). Today after work, went to go to turn on the car and I couldn't put it into drive. The also noticed the dash wasn't lighting up, nor did the indicators and windows worked. So it seems like an electrical problem?

Car turns on (ENGINE), but won't disengage from park (I had to manually disengage but using shift boot unlock mechanism)
The dash lights turn on, then turn off shortly after. Speedometer, odometer, the whole damn dashboard doesn't work it seems …
Windows electrics don't work … but the sunroof does
Indicators don't wont … but when I turn the hazards on they still work
Headlights still worked

I did go about changing my brake lights yesterday so I may have shorted something (i did break the one brake light socket by trying to force an bulb into it, but seems like the brake light still works after - just plastic housing was chipped). It drove all well in the morning until I tried to go back home from work this evening. Can someone please help and advise? Thanks!


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    Battery is probably dead.

    Edit: Oh I just re-read it. Headlights and engine still turns on. Sorry, not sure what the problem could be.

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    Best you go and see an auto electrician and have them check the car


      Definitely. Thought I’d sus it out here if anyone here has had a similar issue and if it could’ve been fixed with a simple fix like a fuse or something.


    First of all, fuse should be blow, check all the fuse in you fuse box. Then are you installing genuine bulb or after market LED? If not genuine, high chance the Mateo housing of the bulb shorted the circuit.

    If you have NRMA assistant, call them and let find and replace the blown fuse and they remove the bulb and try drive for a while and see if this happen again.


    I did go about changing my brake lights yesterday so

    Well start there by opening it again and checking its all seated properly. Next would be fuses just cause if you did sort something then that would be logical.

    It drove all well in the morning

    You may have missed it if you didn't use your headlights this morning.

    Could also be coincidence you changed bulbs yesterday and then the car just broke. But check your work first and if you think its fine then next step would be auto electrician if you aren't comfortable or knowledgable about working it yourself / don't have time to


    I can't imagine how anything related to the brake light assemblies could cause these other electrical problems. That's why there are individually fused circuits rather than one big fuse.

    Do post what the problem ends up being please.


    Fuses are dedicated to particular circuits.
    Your issues seems to cross several circuits so I would rule out a problem with fuses.

    The bigger issue is that the overall electronics management circuit board has an issue. If this is the case then kiss goodbye a fair chunk of money


    I didn't look much into this, but this google image result for a honda fusebox (not necessarily the same as yours) suggests that the first fuse controls the gauges, clock, speed sensor, and shift lock solenoid, and back up lights.

    Or these ones ( one and two ) which seem to be for a 2009 accord shows that the engine fuse box has a single fuse that controls everything in the interior fuse box, which includes the back-up lights and others.

    Basically figure out where your fuses are and check them all. From these, my first suspicion would be that you've might have damaged the reverse light. So you were able to drive to work okay, but maybe it shorted while parking or something?

    Fuses are cheap and easy enough to change. See if anything is blown and replace it (in engine and interior). Check if everything else is working again. Reverse/turn on reverse lights and see if it blows again. If so, there's your problem.

    Open up the light again and check all the wires. Anything exposed or damaged should be covered and repaired. Is that socket damaged? Maybe water got into the broken plastic housing?

    If you are lucky there will be some clearly obvious exposed wires that need to be taped up.
    If not, call an electrician.
    If any of this sounds difficult for you, call an electrician.
    If you aren't sure if this is good or bad advice, call an electrician.
    If you want to make sure you don't cause more damage, call an electrician.
    If anything bad happens, your fault.
    I'll take credit but no blame.

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    Brake light switch when depressed releases the auto transmission lock. Might that circuitry along with fuse be shorted out?


    Thought I’d give everyone an update (although limited). Turns out something was burnt out, $150 and 1.5 hours my car was fixed. I didn’t take the car to the mechanic myself so I can’t give any specific details :)


      That’s not to bad for a bill. You need to find out what was replaced though for future reference if it does it again or if the car does the same thing and you can tell the mechanic what has been tried already.


    OP is lying, Honda Accords don't break. In fact when the concept of breaking goes to sleep at night, it checks the closet for Honda Accords.

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