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Advocate and Seresto Value Pack (4 Dose of Advocate + Seresto Collar) $39.99 Delivered @ Pet Circle


Found a good offer that looks like it's flown under the radar at Pet Circle

$39.99 for 4 doses of Advocate flea/worm treatment and a Seresto flea/tick collar that last 8 months

To be honest I'm not even planning to use the collar, the Advocate is bargain enough:

$39.99 for 4 doses = $10 per dose.
Looking online elsewhere I can't even find anywhere that goes less than $10 a dose for monthly flea treatment…
Might even be a price error, stock up lads

Looks like there are two bundles available..
Large: https://www.petcircle.com.au/product/advocate-and-seresto-la...
Medium: https://www.petcircle.com.au/product/advocate-and-seresto-me...

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    Its 4 doses of Advocate so $10 a dose. Still a good deal though


      Ah my bad, fixed up the title. Was confused aw the description on the page says 'Each pack contains 4 doses of Advocate for Large Dogs from 10-25kg and a Seresto Collar for Dogs over 8kg'. I thought it meant each of the two boxes contained 4 doses totaling 8.


        Yeah they only have 1,3 and 6 packs of Advocate. This is probably a 3 pack with one dose cut out of a 6-pack. It's slightly misleading anyway

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    Definitely a good price. Most of the ones I see are approx $15 per dose. Thanks OP!


    I would advise against using Pet Circle. They accessed my name and address without my permission and gave them to other websites. I asked them to remove my account, and they haven't. I have been going through Fair Trading NSW and OAIC since April to deal with them. I still get spam email from them every day, even though they said they have removed my account.

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    To be honest I'm not even planning to use the collar,

    I plan to give it to the mother in law. Her birthday is coming up.


    Hi, how to get free shipping? Thanks!

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