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MyProtein - 45% off Sitewide


45% off sitewide, haven't purchased from the previously so unable to comment further.

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    Deceptive marketing, purchased before and protein content substantially different depending on flavour. Deleted negative reviews on their site. Flavour average at best.


      Thanks for the heads up, never purchased from them before so was interested to see what the feedback would be.

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      Did you have the proteins independently tested? Are you saying what they have advertised on the packaging is not representative of what’s actually in the packaging?


      I’ve been using their supps for a year now and have been impressed with the flavours and quality. I can't fault the WPC, it mixes better than VPA and BN IMO and the taste is quite pleasant. I have tried the Rocky Road, Choc Brownie, Salted Caramel and Hokkaido Milk and their all fine.

      Each to their own obviously.

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        He joined 3 hours ago to make unsubstantiated claims about a business that provides lab tests of their products.

        That's not suspicious at all.

      • -2 votes

        The advertising said 90% protein and when I received it had 79%, when I asked there customer service I advised that it was only the straight chocolate flavour that contained 90% other flavours contained less. Nowhere on the website made mention of this.

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    My go-to protein. Very cheap and well reviewed: https://labdoor.com/rankings/protein/quality

    I have never purchased for under 40% off. They seem to have these sales almost nonstop

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      Screw PAID reviews. Self review after trying different protein powders for 11 years and this stuff is the worst of the worst. Shady af company.

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        You’ve obviously never tried BlackBelt Protein then because that stuff is horrendous, the mere smell makes you dry-reach.

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        Self review after trying different protein powders for 12 years and these guys are pretty good for their price. Taste is fine.

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      they're the Groupon / eBay of protein powders

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    Been using their proteins for a year and a half now after finding about them through reddit. Tried most of the common flavours but Milk Tea is by far my favourite.

    40% is pretty easily found with their sales although you might see 45-50% every now and then. Stupid MSRP for marketing.

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      can you describe the milk tea flavour?


        Tastes pretty close to Bubble Tea if you've had that, a tad less sweeter and mixes well.

        Matcha I was hoping would be just as good but tastes a little diluted for my liking.

        Their Hokkaido Milk is pretty good as well as a treat although the max 1kg bags kills the value.

        Otherwise Strawberry Cream and Chocolate Smooth are some of their best rated flavours.

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    These guys are good OP. Don't listen to the haters.

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    Their ridiculous pricing of $19.99 shipping under $100 is what kills their deals
    I did try their strawberry cream flavor and that was quite good. I used their new customer promo for $20 delivered for 1kg protein + free shaker. I think the code was ‘NEW20’

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    I like their protein more than BN (ive used both in the past and BN quality has gone down hill and prices increased)

    Mixability is great

    This deal is good but not as good as in the past where they had 50% off and freebies as well (vitamin bundle and shaker)


    I have always regarded Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey as the benchmark for all others, is this better? I don't care about the cost just results.


    We bought from these guys last year when there was a 50% off sale.

    The flavours are nice, we have tried a bunch (I use them in baking) but they are VERY sweet.

    They don't all mix very well either.

    Over all though if you grab them on sale they are good value.

    We also bought some of their sugar free syrups, flavourings and a chocolate pudding they don't seem to sell anymore. We really like the syrups, good for in milk shakes. The flavourings are okay, kids enjoyed the puddings.

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    Best value protein products if you buy in bulk. Sometimes they have good cash rewards/cashback too.


    Would like to try
    Don't want to buy in bulk as if I don't like a flavour it would be wasted
    $20 shipping kills it for me sadly


    Can only speak to their vanilla flavoured casein protein powder.
    I like it a lot, mixes in well enough if you give a very thorough shake. Tastes nice even just mixed with water and great if using full cream milk (i go 200ml water, 150-200ml full cream milk for great taste while getting more water in).

    I used to drink cola/cordial with every lunch and dinner having a glass or two, now use this as a replacement for at least one of those per day to cut the sugar intake. Vanilla is a simple enough flavour that i feel like it goes with most things and tasty enough that i don't miss the sugar based drink.


    Well order cancelled and account deleted with no notification whatsoever. Reps say it never existed, of course sale is over now too

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