Gents, What Do You Wear to The Gym

As titled - and for a beginner-gymmer and smth like


          • @DisabledUser102420: Psst, I'm sure don't need to follow that guideline strictly, no ones watching (at least I hope not) :)
            Though we should all be doing our bit to cut down our water usage, just don't go all out like the gym guy in the Sydney Water Ad haha

    • Especially in Sydney City, its a climate emergency there you know !!!

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    I buy alot of Under Armour on sale, I like Adidas shorts tho!

    You can find good pieces between Big W and K-Mart, it depends on your budget. As someone else mentioned ASOS has good pieces too.

    There's all the big gym brands aka Gym Shark, Ryderwear, Strong Lift Wear and the rest. I'm not very impressed to be honest, their prices are ridiculous.

    Echt had a good sale recently for sweats, and Rebel Sport has decent sales too!(Just grabbed shorts at 40% off)

    eBay you can find cheap gym clothing by searching for keywords "muscle", "gym" etc

    Iconic does sales on activewear too, just keep an eye. Go into stores to see what brands fit and look good on you, then wait for sales or buy according to your budget.

    Hope that helps

    • It helps-thanks!

      • yeah if you check out rebel when they have a sale they actually have some pretty good stuff. As above I also buy a lot of underarmour cause its pretty decently priced on sale - and really good quality

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    This has been fun to read through- serious answer here though.

    Avoid cotton. It soaks up sweat and doesn't dry well. Polypro is your best bet. Most sports brands have their own branded version of it- Playdry, Coolmax, Climacool, etc. Cheaper ones will start to smell fairly early on, better ones often have an antibacterial treatment.

    Start out with cheap gear- kmart is a good option- and try out a few things. See what you feel comfortable in and what you get the most use out of and upgrade gradually.

    Don't skimp on your shoes, if you're looking for advice that's probably a whole other thread.

    • Cheers!

      Shoes included, what do you wear/recommend for your various exercises?

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        generally the flatter the shoe, the better, especially for weightlifing. that being said, comfort is king. i found nike 'free' to be very comfortable, but they barely last a year. the xiaomi sneakers are basically the same thing and also very comfortable.

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    I normally spend a bit more on shorts/pants. Extra pockets are nice but I carry a backpack anyway. So I just need 1 pocket for the car key on the way to the gym.

    My gym stuff: comfortable tshirt/singlet, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 pair of trackies, 2 pair of runners, backpack, gym gloves, towel, notebook + pen, and (cheap) wireless earphones.

    I do not really run, so it does not matter too much to me. One pair of flat shoes and a pair of runners should serve you well at first. but yeah, it is a whole "science" by itself.

    Dont overthink it. Just get there and work it out as you go :)

    • You certainly churn through a lot of clothes every gym trip…

      • How many sets of the clothing should it be?

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          I have 4x shirts, 2x shorts and go every second day

    • Sweet!

  • Chanel #5

  • Since my gym is in the garage and the weather is garbage in Melbourne at the moment, whatever I have on. Which is usually jeans, t-shirt, jumper.

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    In the winter, trackies, tshirt, runners and hoodie.

    In the summer I sometimes sub shorts for the trackies. I do prefer trackies when doing deadlifts/Romanian deadlifts though.

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    Just wear whatever you want. You're going to the gym to sweat, not show off

    I wear the same stuff I'd wear in the garden

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    2xu compression pants, shorts and a t-shirt or basketball jersey depending on weather

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    I've stocked up on loads of active wear of the years from Ozbargin Sales - at some stages Puma, Adidas, Nike and Under Armour have all had decent sales on OzB and if you hit up these sales you can get branded active wear relatively cheap.

    If you shop RRP you can be up for $50+ for shorts, $25+ shirts/singlets and $60+ track pants

    If you looked out for sales esp during xmas time you can get good branded shirts/singlets under $17, shorts under $28, I've managed to get track pants under $30 and hoodies for under $38. - If even got runners for less then $40 (under armour)

    You can certainly get 'cheaper' active wear but i do feel the bigger brands have a bit of quality esp compared to you big W brand Circuit etc i've give them ago and I just dont think the quality it there and if you time your sales it isnt a whole lot more expensive (however if you need gear you gotta pay for it)

    Back in the day you could hit up sports direct for 'REALLY' cheap stuff im talking 1$ for shorts and singlets but i think those days are gone

    Note non of the prices paid included postage (usually free) or cash rewards (usually between 5-12%)

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    What you do at the gym, how often you go, and what you're doing with you diet is infinitely more important than what you are wearing there.

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    Got a bunch of active wear singlets and shorts from kmart for $5-10 each.

  • Bought some UA compression gear when I started but don't think I'll ever wear them.

    Normally just wear trackies and a t shirt.

    • I did, I posted below !!!

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    Bonds singlet, black shorts with pockets.

    For heavy deadlift/squat days I wear $5 slip on canvas shoes (with solid rubber sole) from kmart.

    For other days I wear my standard runners.

    For women it often can be about expensive designer clothing and fashion. For me - it's about basic comfort and cost. Which is why I wear $5 functional shoes over $100-200 weight lifting shoes for example.

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    Any old t shirt will do. Just make sure the shorts are elastic if you squat, deadlift etc. Otherwise nobody gives 2 shits about how you look. But don't forget to put on a whole can of Lynx Africa, and do some push ups at home to get your pump on before hitting the gym. Extra street cred if you also rock some Beats and do curls in the squat rack like any proper lifter would. Also don't forget the gloves to protect those beautiful hands XD

  • Single , gym shorts and a smile if I’m @ the back Of class in my gym classes

  • Clothes - mandatory
    Glasses - optional

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    I get my quick dry shirts from Champion when they have a big sale. You don’t smell in them when you sweat. Sports shorts from Kathmandu— but not the ones with the bike shorts underneath. They always ride up your butt

  • Old shirt and gym shorts. Thongs paired with a ridiculous sock tan

  • tan hoodie and gold chainz

  • Tuxedo

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    What Do You Wear to The Gym


  • I like to wear nothing so that I can achieve my maximum squat depth

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    Kmart tank top and gym shorts, both are moisture wicking, about $20-$25 all up. Held up well for the last 2 years and still a lot of life left.

    The brand-name stuff use the same material anyway so no point paying more unless you really want people to know what you're wearing.

  • Lorna Jane errthang.

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    Cotton shorts and t shirt from Uniqlo. It does the job and is comfy

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    All comments LOL.
    Live in Qld, outside of Brisbane, I'm a bodybuilder, tall, lotza muscle, solid and I'm back into form fit lycra thigh length shorts and muscle top.
    It was my threat to the gym to wear it if I lost 30kgs, which I did ( on keto ). Thought I might get some comments from some of the other members about "bulging areas" but I didn't. I was really surprised !!!. Its very flexy, very comfortable and much much cooler during a heavy workout. It rinses easily in the shower and dries quickly.
    I'm not ashamed I'm a bloke !!!!!
    If the ladies can wear Lycra in this age of equality, well so can I…..

  • Looks like most beginners at my Gym wear Yeezys, Off-White, Anti Social Social Club Shirt, bunch of em all look like storm troopers, and spend more time huddled as a group watching the alpha.

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    Wow, and to think I wasn't expecting 100 joke replies.

    I wear sports shorts and a sports singlet or t-shirt. Depending on how my legs are feeling, I may or may not wear compression leggings, shorts always go over the top if decide to wear the leggings.

    I don't bother with compression t-shirt because it's never my arms and torso which feel sore after the workout, it's always my legs, and the compression leggings really do help.

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    I adorn my favourite hypercolour t-shirt, along with my turquoise sequin G-string, strategically worn backwards for that true 'fly's eyes' look. A sham wow is a no brainer.

  • I usually rock just shorts and an old t-shirt or singlet. Usually a bit baggier as I'm a bigger dude, but really just whatever makes me feel comfortable and unrestricted in my movements.

  • Full Batman costume

  • I wear basic shorts and tshirts from Nike to Kmart. If you're a runner, do spin bike, rower then I'd avoid anything baggy to avoid getting your gear caught. It probably depends on each person but it doesn't really matter what you wear (unless it's overly out there) since most people just keep to themselves and do their own thing.

    • People at my gym always stare at me when I walk in the door, do I intimidate them with my unfit good looks?

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