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9 Meals $59 Delivered (Save $30.55) @ Youfoodz


From the mailing list. Use code BIG-DEAL at checkout to get 9 meals for $59. Works out to be about $6.50 a meal.

Expires October 2, 11.59PM. Min spend $89.55.

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    If you get the lunch pack (5 meals for $39), dinner pack (6 meals for $49) and the loaded cheeseburger fries or Thai Curry Chicken Pie ($5.95 or $4.95), it's 12 different meals for $63.40 or 62.40.

    Good option if you don't mind the meals included.

    • I tried, but the system wouldn't let me do the dinner pack and 3 other meals.

      • Did your total pass the $89.55 minimum?

        • Thanks mate. That's what I missed.

  • +19

    Your biggest gripe with microwave food is that you're too lazy to put it on a plate?

    • -14

      Get real! Good luck making it look anything like what's in the photo after you transfer it to a plate.

      • Not sure why you're being down-voted, the meals are bad. Maybe these people havent tried them or dont care what they eat.

        • -1

          I'm quite use to people not giving a damn what is or isn't true online by now. They go on how they feel - if the truth is inconvenient they feel bad about the comment and shoot the messenger. Anonymity doesn't help things either.

          The unanimous upvotes for reductio suggesting I'm too lazy to plate the food is particularly heinous and hypocritical. How many people plate their microwave meals? Serously. Bullying is rife here. But hey it's okay, we'll just celebrate RUOK day once a year and pretend we're civil.

          The reviews certainly weren't anything impressive. Not for the food, nor delivery nor after sales service when things go wrong. The way the meals are made I doubt they're much healthier than takeaway but given some of the complaints are over porition size perhaps limiting the amounts is helping them hit nutritional targets. Certainly I don't rate this higher than rating Woolies or Coles frozen food section. You can get meals for $3 and less there, but would you want to live on them?

          • @syousef: People seem to think if they downvote the truth it goes away.

      • +1

        thats like every single food ad though. Burgers on ad looks nothing like what we get, but everyone already knows that. This is the same case.

        • +1

          I did cite other food ads, so yep, I'm aware. What I'm suggesting is that it isn't a good thing that this has become normalized.

    • +4

      First world problems are real.

      • -4

        So is bullying. RUOK?

        • So is lip service.

          • +1

            @tessel: It wasn't lip service. It was sarcasm. What do you expect when people play pile on? I'm going to call you guys out on it.

            • @syousef: Not what I was getting at. But please do enjoy. I hope your Friday night is going well. Life's too short.

              • @tessel: You're being terse and there's some ambiguity in how your statements might be interpreted. If I have misunderstood your intention, I'm happy to apologize. I suspect I haven't though.

  • Pretty sweet deal, thanks man

  • Do these come fresh or frozen?
    And if fresh, assuming you could freeze them?

    • Fresh and no don't freeze them.

    • Fresh, and yes you can freeze to extend the life but they generally have a best before date 5-9 days from the delivery date..if any have an expiry earlier than what they state in their website contact customer support and they’ll happily refund the meals or give you a voucher :)

  • +2

    I've been using YF for a few months now
    It's the only food delivery i can use/accept.

    Food comes fresh in a sealed box with freezer bags
    food is kept refrigerated and generally 6-7 day use-by date
    their sodium levels are some of the lowest for 'pre-packed foods'

    highly recommend those looking to control their intake

    Morrocan Chicken #1
    Peri Peri Chicken #2

    • id wager Muscle Meals are superior.

      • I use both they’re both good but I find muscle meals to be heavier, a lot more sauce etc in their meals which is good but the YF ones I order tend to be lighter. Quality wise I find them to be on par and use both regularly

        • when i google 'muscle meals' I find musclemealsdirect, which redirects to 'fitnessmeals' - is this the one? Top result is mymusclechef..

        • Has anyone here tried https://workoutmeals.com.au ?
          I'm thinking of trying them next.

    • The new Thai chicken noodle is my new #1

      • +1

        Have you tried Falafel & Pumpkin? Just had that today, very nice.

        • +1

          My issue with almost all the new spring meals is I hate feta so I’ve only had a taste when my wife has had them, the falafel was actually really nice. I wish they brought back the healthy spring lasagne was the best lasagne I’ve had even with no meat

    • +3

      their sodium levels are some of the lowest for 'pre-packed foods'

      In this $3 Woolies Thai Green Curry Chicken with Rice - 196mg per 100g of sodium. 375g meal.

      Youfoodz 295mg per 100g. $9.95 for 330g meal.

      That was a random pick of one of the cheapest meals. I grant you it's rice and not noodles. I couldn't find a good noodle Thai Curry, and we're talking green vs red, but I honestly have to wonder if people are shilling when I can so easily find something like this.

  • +2

    Thanks, much appreciated.

    I usually ended up freezing 4-5 when I order this many.

    They turn out ok being reheated.

  • +3

    Select your dwelling type very carefully, the driver could arrive and call you at 2am to make delivery..

  • +3

    $20 extra for delivery to Perth 😔

  • No Vegan meals unfortunately

    • -3

      …. fortunately

      • +4

        Stop being threatened by what other people eat behind closed doors.

        Allowing gay marriage won't make you gay, and having vegan meals available won't make you any less close minded.

        • -1

          R U OK?

    • +4

      Wait what? All their sauce comes in sachets that you have to take out before microwaving and then you can choose to add it or simply not put it on.

      • Oh really? That's great. There was no way to tell just by looking at the photos as it shows them all with the sauce already on the food.

        Can anyone confirm before I order? None come with the sauce on the food?

        • Sometimes the meat comes cooked in a sauce of sorts but often there is a sauce sachet that you have to take out before microwaving. This makes the sauce sachet optional.

          • -1

            @wheretobuychocettes: I had a look at their meals at the supermarket and it all comes with the sauce already on it!

            • @AussieZed: Of the 11 meals I got delivered today, 7 have removable sauce sachets and 4 do not. So, there is the option depending on what meal you buy.
              Probably best asking their staff directly if it's a big concern to you.
              Good luck.

        • +3

          Look at the last photo on the meals, It shows how it's packed.

  • How's their food quality these days comparing to say 9 months ago? I heard bad reviews and their deals were not as good then, so I stopped buying from them.

    Still not as good as less than $6 per meal, but with inflation in mind, I wouldn't mind pull the trigger if their quality still as good.

    • Mine just arrived. I only used YouFoodz once before, also about 12 months ago. The quality has definitely improved. My order came to $5.65 per meal, awesome value for work lunches alone.

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