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Samsung EVO Plus 512GB MicroSD Card $118.70 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay


Shopping Square $15 off Promo stacks with eBay code POPPER10 10% Off, Discount shows at Checkout.

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  • +3 votes

    Chinese packing. Legit but 1 year warranty instead of 10 year local stock

    I think price matching with OW will be worth but never tried myself

    • -3 votes

      They don't price match ebay or seller having online store they should have physical store around for price match cheers!!


      Makes a real value difference. This should be mentioned in the description above.

      While Samsung micro SD are good. I have still had some that have failed.

      Makes me wonder what the Australian Consumer Law interpretation of this sort of thing would be. The problem of course is cost of the item vs the time required to make a complaint if needed.

    • -2 votes

      yeah i don't think it is worth losing 9 years warranty for this price
      and also chinese packaging..

  • +4 votes

    Can also get the Lexar High Performance 512GB for $98.95 from this deal.

  • +2 votes

    Great for my Nintendo switch!


    will this card be good for gopro 7 black?


    SD cards is about the only thing ebay plus is good for. However, my subscription ran out.


    If you need this card yor taking too many selfies…

    • +1 vote

      Or you need it to store podcasts, tv shows, movies or any large size files… but what would I know. Yes too many selfies. Of course.

  • -1 vote

    I recommand this one which is a lot better, faster, cheaper, A2 application performance, plus the seller is 10 times better than shity shopping square

    Lexar Micro SD Card 512G High Performance 633x Class10 Phone Tablet Memory U3 A2
    3% OFF > $30 * PICKLE

    Final price $106.65, history low is $99 I think ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/482876 )
    A2 vs not rated
    V30 vs not rated

    Just search 143367620334 on eBay

    MicroSD card buying guide:




      I had both, read my reply above. Speedwise the samsung is faster (and evidently more reliable!)

      Lots of negative reviews on Amazon for the lexar as well!


      • -1 vote

        From Amazon Au product page, https://www.amazon.com.au/Lexar-High-Performance-microSDXC-5...
        The first five 1 or 2 star reviews indicate they might have bought a fake one.

        Your comments somewhere above also indicate you might have bought a fake one.

        I have got a genuine one. The genuine one is real good.

        Amazon Australia is full of fake and crapy products. Same as eBay Australia.

        Be vigilant!

        'Speedwise the samsung is faster' I wonder what's the real world test speed is?

        'and evidently more reliable!' a genuine Samsung card is sure more reliable than a fake one


          Nah it was real. They wanted Me to send it back to lexar for service, opted for a refund. Can only imagine my test data being actual holiday memories. Yikes!

          Samsung is rated U3 which is a solid 30MB/sec - much like V30 Real world speed. For my own test, a very simple 500GB file copy to the card to validate its real capacity. The Lexar was doing around 50MB/sec solid, Samsung 60-70MB solid - The Lexar died 20mins into the test, Samsung finished. I'd say thats about as simple and real-world as it gets.
          Fake cards typically error out when they reach their real capacity, not die out completely.

          On another note, A2 speed rating is also very device and OS dependent, if the device you're plugging card into does not support A2, you get no benefit from it at all as per quote "A2 performance is available only the combination of A2 supported host and A2 supported card".

          While both cards exceed U3/V30 - The Samsung at least in my testing tends to perform closer to V60 levels.


          I did purchase the Lexar initially after reading the poor amazon reviews, I gave them benefit of the doubt (supporting the underdog) thinking it was just a bunch of grumpy people, but it looks like I was proven wrong.

          I Paid $108 for the Lexar and $118 for the Samsung after discounts.

          Perhaps its just a bad batch or they're still refining their silicon process, either way losing 512GB of valuable holiday memories, that would leave a very bad taste in my mouth.


            @BargainKen: A2 is about IOPS not speed. It could be as slow as 10MB/s but with A2 rating.

            The host needs to support command Queuing, cacheing and flash memory management. I can hardly imaging there's any modern device that not support those functions.

            In short if you are shorting 4K or higher videos, go with V30 V60 V90, mostly you want really high sequence write speed.

            If you are going to use the card in devices for running applications, then look for A2, what you need is random access performance, hence the IOPS requirement, and mostly doing small writes like 4KB

    • +1 vote

      On paper it's good. Reliability though.. Even worse than Samsung. Lexar is not owned by micron any more it's just a cheap brand

  • -2 votes

    By the way, test results for the Lexar Micro SD Card 512G High Performance 633x Class10 Phone Tablet Memory U3 A2

    Crystal Disk Mark:


    h2testw capacity test


    Tested with the ORICO USB3.0 MicroSD card reader, which has the cheap NORELSYS 1081 controller. Its the old version, not sure what they use in the
    new ORICO USB3 reader
    Description: [G:]USB Mass Storage Device(NORELSYS 1081)
    Device Type: Mass Storage Device

    Protocal Version: USB 3.00
    Current Speed: High Speed
    Max Current: 8mA

    USB Device ID: VID = 2537 PID = 1081
    Serial Number: 0123456789ABCDE

    Device Vendor: Norelsys
    Device Name: NS1081
    Device Revision: 0100

    Manufacturer: NORELSYS
    Product Model: 1081
    Product Revision: 0


    Will this work on my samsung s9?


    Anyone got one they ordered yet? Mine is still not sent yet.


      Mine literally just got shipped today when I ordered it last Sunday. Pretty pathetic to take 6 business days (not including yesterday's public hol. in QLD/NSW) to ship out an order.


        Well you see when I say soemthing like

        'I recommand this one which is a lot better, faster, cheaper, A2 application performance, plus the seller is 10 times better than shity shopping square'

        People would just neg it. ozbargain cencership.

        The seller, this business, always do this, always. And by the way, they have three accounts on eBay:

        Kai Seng Computers (Shopping Express, Futu_Online, Shallothead)

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