This was posted 2 years 2 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sphero BOLT $78, Sphero SPRK+ $66, Sphero Ollie $51, Raspberry Pi 3 Kit $36 @ Australian Geographic


Not sure how long the new sale runs till, but seems like the cheapest price they've ever been.

Sphero SPRK+ $66 (was $220)

Sphero BOLT $78 (was $259)

Sphero Ollie $55 (was $169)

Raspberry Pi 3 Kit for Dummies $36 (was $179) SOLD OUT

$7.95 standard shipping on all Australian orders under $70.

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    Damn that's a good price for a Raspberry Pi 3. Already have too many otherwise I'd be right on it.

    • +8

      Too many Raspberry Pis? Sorry, you're not making sense.

      • I think I've got 4x 3B's and 1x 1B, of which I'm currently only using two (3B+1B) for pihole. I used to use more but I picked up an i5 Intel NUC which I use dockerized for more CPU/network/memory intensive services.

        • All seems perfectly normal to me. You've just got passive spares to offer resilience.

  • +6

    Just tried for the Raspberry Pi but getting a 502 Bad Gateway.

    • +1

      same here

    • +1

      getting 504 gateway time-out on most of them.

    • +1

      yep same.

    • Got to payment screen 3 times but keeps timing out.

    • +13

      Maybe they are using the Pis for servers?

      • +1

        I highly doubt that

        • Hoping this is some kind of attempt at username checking out or something.

  • I can go into the website after about 10 tries. But does anyone willing to submit his payment on this gateway time-out website?

  • Website was really slow but got a the Raspberry Pi kit and shipping was free too

  • +1

    Thanks koalafied! Picked up the Pi, though the site must be getting smashed right now.

    • did they charge you shipping?

      • No, but I selected click and collect.

  • +7

    Sites getting hammered by the looks of it, I still haven't been able to purchase a Raspberry Pi 3 kit since posting this deal haha.

    • +4

      Rookie mistake! Buy then post - especially for a site that wouldn't see much traffic in a normal day.

      • +6

        Gotta think of the ozb community first :P
        EDIT: finally got one!!

    • +1

      respect OP!

  • No good on desktop, but mobile has been loading very slowly. Managed to check out the raspberry pi via credit card.

    • Seems to be okay on desktop now?

  • Thanks Op… Got one of each. Xmas presents sorted !

  • +1

    Which Pi 3 version is it? A or B?

    Comes with the trimmings as well, what a bargain!

    • +1

      Was trying to figure out that as well.

      It looks like a B or B+ from the crappy image on NatGeo. The official Canakit website states:

      Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi3) Model B Quad-Core 1.2 GHz 1 GB RAM

  • Just got a raspberry pi. Got free shipping even tho it's under $70 tho. Also thinking of getting a Sphero for the kids but my oldest is 4, not sure how age appropriate it is.

  • Thanks OP! Got a Raspberry Pi kit into the cart (slowly) then found out the wife was down at the shops walking past Australian Geographic already, so she got one for me.

  • +5

    In addition to this useless crap there's also other useless crap as part of their sale…

    • +1

      Useless crap is the best crap

  • Got the pi after many timeouts, also got free shipping when I was well under the threshold.

  • Cheers OP. Got 2 x RPI delivered

  • Thanks OP. Got a Raspberry Pi.

  • Took a while,
    Got what i wanted, now trying to look at their other sale items and its timing out.

  • Hmm, wonder if this is in-store and available for a while.
    See 15% off Australian Geographic via Ultimate Kids card deal -

  • Thanks OP. Got a Raspberry Pi, very interested to have a play with this. Site is working VERY slow still and timed out a couple of times during check out, no problem using Paypal. Also got free standard shipping somehow.

  • +4

    Grabbed the last two “for dummies” kits from Chermside, QLD. First time I’ve ever been right beside a store when a deal goes down! Exhilarating! :)

  • Finally got a Sphero BOLT and Raspberry Pi after many 504 errors. Thanks OP!

  • ordered, thanks.

  • Expecting a cancellation email. But gotta be in it to win it. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Grabbed a Pi, thanks OP!

    Started sweating when I received 3 email confirmations for my order though
    All the same order number though, so all good

    • oh crap me too!

  • +2

    I can confirm that this is definitely a Raspberry Pi 3 model B.

    Shame about the 8GB memory card though, but with case, power, and all the trimmings, can’t go wrong for this price

  • Got A Pi. Thanks OP.

  • I'm sure it will be cancelled, but grabbed a pi kit

  • Finally got through with paypal and got a pi for myself and a christmas present

  • A million attempts at trying to get pass the checkout boss for the Raspberry Pi. Finally got there and got 3 emails updating me about the same purchase. Here is hoping i was billed once.

  • So I got multiple Pis coz hype. What can I do with these things?

    • Give one to me? :)

      • +2

        If my order comes through you can have it at $40 each. I think I'd end up returning it anyways.

        • Done! To be fair I'll just grab one, unless there are no other takers :) Let us know how you go!

    • Well if you bend over far enough i'm sure they'll all fit.

  • +1

    Page not found for me :) Ozbargained ?

  • Gonna go to Grand Central QLD to buy it, let see how it goes

  • First time buying from this store online but found pretty shocking reviews:

    I get the feeling a lot of us might be chasing refunds in the coming weeks.

  • Did any of you guys able to get to the confirmation page after placing the order?
    Mine is still stuck on loading even though I’ve received the confirmation email and order number. I can see money taken out of my card as well

    • Update: Got an email from customer support saying they've ran out and going to cancel my order. saddd. doesnt help living in melbourne i guess.

      good luck to others who got their orders in

  • Far out missed out by a minute or two :(
    If anyone's not gonna use their Pi, please hit me up. I'll buy it off you same price and you can keep the hdmi cable!

  • Had the Pi at checkout maybe 6 times but payment gateway would time out. All over now price is $149.99

  • -1

    For those that have way too much time on their hands and have bought the Raspberry Pi 3 Kit for Dummies.

    Check out the Amazon US entry and the reviews - especially this one. Some might like to cancel their order.

    Here's the CanaKit site.

    Plenty of crap at their eBay store, but the Raspberry Pi isn't there.

    • +2

      Still wouldn't cancel it just for a bodgy case. You can pick them up for $15 tops, or not have one at all. The price is still a steal.
      Congrats to those that got/get them!

  • Bloody hell that was an ordeal!

    I put through separate orders for a Sphero and a Pi, so I'm hedging by bets as to which one might get canned. Although there's every chance it'll all be for naught.

  • Grabbed a Bolt! my old Sphero 2.0 was left on the charger and the battery got fried.


  • Getting a 404 for the Pi link, I'm guessing they took it down. :(

  • Site is down. Ozbargained!

  • Bad gateway 502!

  • +2

    Just letting people know that Australian Geographic don't have a warehouse and their online order fulfillment is from their physical stores. I've done some ringing around and most stores (in QLD at least) only have 1-2 in stock and people have been buying them out in person. I was told by the salesperson that if store stock is depleted they will cancel and refund online orders. Essentially, if you are actually keen to grab one, I'd call this afternoon and ask them to hold one for you (this is what I have done) and grab it the following day.

    • That's not quite my experience. The Raspberry Pi that everyone is going bananas about is sold nationally according to my local store. No, i didn't ring them about that, but about some other useless stuff that i was interested in, and they didn't have that either.

    • Great advice for me. Rang local store and lady will hold me one bolt. She said it would scan at $78. Another store said it was an online thing only and would scan at full price? i think she was wrong.

  • I just spoke with them. No Pi anywhere near Melbourne plus the sale is just for 2 days and is online only.

  • 502 bad gateway for all sphero links

    • +2

      I had price match from Officeworks at 5pm, only paid $74.1 for Sphero Bolt. Despite OfficeWorks web site saying they don't have stock, my local store have one in stock and willing to price beat.

      • Great stuff

  • Sphero Ollie - SOLD OUT :(

  • bloody missed out on the Pi

  • Received shipping notification for 1 of my Pi's. Hopefully the other comes too!

    • what came with the Pi?

  • My pi shipped already. Looks like it was shipped from a store rather than distribution centre

  • +1

    I just dropped into the local AG shop to pick up my click and collect order before any notification (I know… should have waited). According to the guy there, one individual went around and bought all the Pis. So no pi for me.

    • AG are all over the shop - actually there's literal truth to that - it's a distributed set-up and a complete mess. I genuinely feel sorry for the staff … and you of course.

  • Went in to the Bondi store here in Sydney at 5:30pm and picked up the last bolt off the shelf. No Pis in stock. Store attendant was great, she said the website had crashed and she looked up her staff list of heavily discounted items. I got her to read out all the good ones and just bought them there in store. She matches the online price obviously and mentioned they’re just clearing stock ready for new Xmas stock. 2 days sale only so could be worth going down to your local NG and grabbing some early gifts? Lots of STEM and toys for ages 3-14 y.o and all 70% off.

  • +1

    Link to sale

    (edit) already posted by Phantom above

  • We're experience a large amount of traffic, we apologise if our website is running slower than normal.

  • Just got my tracking confirmation
    For anyone that got more than one in a single order

    Did your it indicate individual items?

    I bought 2 and the email I received-

    “ Here's what's coming:

       1. Raspberry Pi For Dummies Kit

    If something you have ordered doesn't appear above, it may be on backorder or being supplied
    by a different store & will be sent to you as soon as possible. You will receive another confirmation for separate

    • I had the exact same thing happen. Not sure If I'll get 2 or not.

  • thanks OP, i think i managed to order 2 raspberry pi kits,

  • Pricing error? Sounds like missing the $100

  • +2

    Received my web order dispatch email today and Pi has been shipped. Looks like they have stock after all since I ordered an hour after posting the deal :D Good luck all!

    • +2

      Got one order confirmation this morning as well; hoping for the Sphero one soon.

      At least you've learned a valuable lesson - use your own deal before sharing, haha!

    • SOLID deal OP! Glad to hear you got your order complete.

      Christmas sorted and my 2yr old son's friends birthday presents sorted. Many more good items on the sale page (already posted above).

      At the risk of being unable to use the site myself, I suggest people keep checking, many more things are being added to the page.

  • Awesome, got a BOLT and it's shipped! Now waiting for the Ollie and Pi (ordered those two together).

    Probably lucky I split my order.

  • Does anyone know if the Bolt is still available? I just keep getting a Page not Found!!

  • +1

    Thanks OP - I managed to grab the spark in store this morning. Not my first choice but all they had left. Did most of my Xmas shopping for the kids too - some real bargains!

  • Got a dispatch notification on the BOLT and SPRK

    • Dude….how did you even get on. I still cant get on the site to place an order.

      • With the amount of traffic (and Brodening) from yesterday, this bargain ship has well and truly sailed. Hence the Out of Stock tag at the top.

        They've just pulled the item page entirely instead of marking it as OOS.

      • I managed to get JB HI FI to price match. Sphero sprk still comes up in the search showing the sale price even though the product page won't load.

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