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R5-2600 GTX 1660 Gaming PC: $649 + $29 Delivery @ Techfast


Hi all,

Kicking off October with a $21 price drop on a very popular system from September.

Spec: Ryzen 5 2600 | GTX 1660 6GB | 8GB 2400MHz | A320MB | 550W PSU | Leaper Case
Price: $649 + 29 Delivery
Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-5-2600-gtx-1060-6...

3600 CPU upgrade is $120 and 1660 Ti upgrade is $99. The GPU upgrade is still guaranteed for MSI Ventus for the first dozen or so upgrades while the regular 1660 brand may vary.

Happy to take requests on potential CPU/GPU combos people are looking for to cook up some further deals. R5 3600 / RX 5700 8GB has been requested previously so we're looking at that. As have RTX 2060/2070 SUPERS, but they aren't popular lines more broadly (and for pricing) so we're unlikely to get those in right now.


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  • Luke, how much does it weigh? Needed to move it around from TV/PC.

    • Well 5kg and under is my guess, it's not going to weigh over 10 though. Should be easy enough

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      Yep around 5kg-6kg depending on what's inside. Chunky power supplies etc change weight quite a bit but the base system is around 5

      • Thanks

        • Long hdmi cable.

          • @Seedy seed: Very very far, like 30m

            • @DisabledUser225214: V big house aye? :P

              • @Seedy seed: Just different floor. I guess I could drill the floor and make it 5 or 10m.

                • @DisabledUser225214: Used to have a long cable (15m) to solve this problem - worked with 1080p - but it failed when I upgraded to 4K. Cables that can handle 4K over long distances are very expensive. (ezyhd has a 30m 4K HDMI/fiber cable for $379). Even 5m was dodgy with my PC and 4K TV on a normal cable and 10m was hopeless; 3m works fine. Just a head's up if you have a 4K TV or plan to upgrade.

                  • @myKidsPwnedU: I'll just carry them, not playing games every day. 6kg is nothing. But I'm thinking to buy metabox cheap laptop instead. Don't need the monitor, so display not a problem.

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    Dang, I think I'm in for one of these if a few things line up in time.

    My i5 2500k (still running at 4.4ghz) and r9 290 are begging to be upgraded, haha.

    • +1

      I had a 2500 up until recently. Upgraded to a 2600 and a 1070. This rig would have been perfect for my needs 8 months ago. I paid around a grand for my upgrade.

  • Thanks Luke just got 1. Did some upgrades hoping for a free gaming mat as well ;) oh check the discount amount with the price drop.

  • +2

    would love a 3600/5700 combo.

    think that would be the price to performance king I've been looking for..

  • OK Luke, I'll pull the trigger I reckon - Ti still a Ventus?

  • I'd be interested in seeing what price you can do for your 2080 Ti systems.

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      Hey mate. I bought this system just over a month ago from techfast:
      2080 ti
      32gb 3200mhz ram
      240gb ssd
      2tb hdd
      750w psu
      $2940. Took 4 weeks to arrive as there was no stock on the ti's. Luke's customer service is on point though - compensated with a couple freebies. Would recommend!

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    Why does it say $949 now? Has the price changed, or am I missing something :)

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      Yep. You need to input the code at the check-out stage. You can safely take your options through to checkout without committing, and see the final price, plus postage when you input the voucher code. You can then leave a note if you wish to collect the system to save transport costs if you are in or planning to be in Adelaide .

      • Oh wow cool thanks for the reply 👍👍

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    I'm a bit bummed out. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a PC from TechFast on 12 September, but still haven't received a dispatch notice. Nearly three weeks now. Am I the only one getting the run-around here?

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      Might be worth giving luke a yell if you've already tried their store support.

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        Thanks - just did…

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          I imagine they sell buckets of pcs, or they wouldnt be advertising here so much :p

  • A 2600-RX5700 system would be really sweet

  • Do you no longer do a r5 2600 + rx580 deals if not i might pull the trigger on this

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      We're just looking at pricing on 580s at the moment actually. With new GPUs released they sort of fell off the radar but we will look to reintroduce them shortly.

  • Hey Luke, are you able to confirm exactly what item 16GB DDR4 [3200MHz] this is?

    Looking at placing an order just wanted to have a look.

    • At the moment we're using Team T-Force Dark but have also used Kingston HyperX. Not sure what's coming in next. We don't use Corsair Vengeance LPX for 16GB kits but do for the 32GB kits.

  • Would it be possible to request a deal on the eBay store? Would like to use some gift cards

    • +4

      We're not participating in any co-funded ebay promos until November so unless there's a site-wide discount we won't have any discounts available there, sorry!

      • So wait until november is what you're saying eh..

      • any reason for that ? you guys had cracker deals on ebay as well

  • ETA if I was to order one? Any other case options? The default sounds like it'll be a bit small and cramped but I don't want an RGB monstrosity.

    • We should be at about 7 business days from order to dispatch. That's our overall average. Higher end or newer gear can take a bit longer at times but these are all readily available.

      No other case options right now sorry!

      The RGB front panel can be disabled on the Leaper Pro by holding down the button that controls it (the reset button).

  • Anyone know if this would be good for Low Spec smooth VR?

    • Yeah would run vr great, I ran vr smooth with a 1060, and 1660 is a little better

  • How would this fare on modern PC games using 1080 monitor? I'm not too strict on 60fps, but expect 30fps definitely.

    I usually play Witcher, Assassins Creed, modded Fallout NV

    • +4

      Honestly it should pull 60 on highest settings in most games

      • Would I need to buy any upgrades to the base specs?

        • A hard drive for more storage,
          And while you can get away with 8gb of ram id suggest upgrading to 16gb, most games run fine with 8gb but you cant have much running in the background, and some games like ark refuse to run well without more then 8gb.

    • +1

      For a comparison I bought this….
      …and put a 1060 in it and the few games Ive tried have all run smooth.
      This system is quite a bit lower than the one on offer (its 7 years old), so you should be sweet as.
      Ive been playing Rage 2 (all high settings) heaps and its fast and smooth as and I use v-sync (dont care about full fps either, just hate screen tearing).

      • Sweet bro. Ta for the reply

  • Only CPU upgrade option is to a 3600 - how much to upgrade to a 3600X or 3700X please? thank you.

    • Would also like a 3700X/GTX 1660 combo please. :)

      • Have you tried configuring it at time of purchase? Lots of options to play with.

  • Hey Luke, do you still have stock of the Ventus for upgrades? Cheers.

  • -1

    Be careful buying computers from these guys. I know many may have come across no issues, but I suggested my girlfriend buy a computer from them and she came across several issues:
    1. Extremely slow delivery - apparently they were out of stock, but still charged her card
    2. She wanted to swap orders as it was extremely slow and she was not allowed to do so even though the computer had not even been shipper
    3. The computer arrived faulty. It restarts every few minutes and she's been wasting time and effort to get it sorted with them

    Extremely unprofessional with issues. They should simply send a new computer and compensate her for all the hassle.

    • +1

      As per the other threads this comment has been posted on, I'm more than happy to look into any issues here as it's the first I've heard of them. Please PM me so I can do that.

  • Hey Luke,

    If you take both upgrades 3600 and Ti is there a combo package as it was cheaper in September for the same spec ($799 vs $868).


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