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Xbox One S 1TB Console + 2nd Controller (Choice of Colours) + 1 Game $329 @ Microsoft Store


All bundles are $329 for an Xbox One S 1TB console plus a choice of controller (from 9 colours/patterns). The bundles available:

Gears 5
Forza Horizon 4
NBA 2K20
3-month Xbox Live Gold membership and 3-month Xbox Game Pass

This bundle is $20 cheaper than the one from EB, but doesn't include as many games. If you don't care about the games, I doubt you'd get that $20 back for trade-in anyway, so this is a better deal. It also includes free delivery (unlike EB, who as usual have no stock at most stores) via DHL, so should arrive within 1-2 days.

The real star of this bundle though is the choice of second controller - I don't recall any previous bundle deals including this option before.

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    I'd try for the 1X for the same price at JB first.

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    Seems like a good deal on One S considering
    Additional controller costs around minimum $60,
    Forza Horizon 4 costs around $50, the net cost of console comes around $220.


    Would you say this is a great deal and do you think someone may offer something similar closer to xmas? Wanting to buy an xbox and second controller for my boys and wondering whether to jump on this or wait.

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      If you're looking to buy a second controller, then it's effectively about $260 for the console. There hasn't been a better bargain (with any real quantity available) than this in 2019 that I'm aware of, other deals have mostly just thrown in more games.

      There's been a real drought of any good deals on Xbox related things lately. I doubt Black Friday sales will be any better, and you'll be waiting for 6 weeks anyway.


    Nice…but I'll wait until black fri/cyber mon in 7 weeks to see what they throw up.

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