Best Way to Sell an Unregistered Vehicle

I have a 2008 Corolla hatch which is a bit banged up but drives really well (only travelled 70K km).

Leaving aside a long story, the car is now unregistered and has a flat battery. Dealership trade-in offered me 2K, which seems grossly undervalue. I’m in two minds about whether I replace the battery, get the car registered and put it on in case there’s a better alternative available to me.

What’s the best way to sell this unregistered car? Grateful for any assistance!

[EDIT]: For some extra context, I got a roadworthy certificate about two months ago and decided not to re-register as we were planning to upgrade and I didn't realise that it would be hard to sell unregistered. Also, the photos we provided to the dealer are not flattering. Given that the battery is flat, I couldn't back it out of the garage to make it look pretty…

Based on the advice so far, I am inclined to get a new battery and see how well I go with the dealership (again) and on Gumtree. Subject to that response, I may look into registering the car but that's a world of pain I would rather avoid!



    How banged up is ‘banged up’?

    What do you think it is worth in its current state vs running and registered? Is it worth your time effort etc to re-register?

    Just try selling it privately on gumtree without rego first.


      In terms of the damage, it is probably 2K to fix up - basically a ding or scratch on each corner of the car (never lend your car to your little brother). I am not really sure what it is worth current state…

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    Get it running and factor the price of rego in your sale price on Gumtree.

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    If you think you could do well on the used market, you could put in a new battery ($100-130~), get a RWC which may be cheap or expensive depending on what needs to be done on your car (tyres, brakes etc etc) and then rego. Then you could possibly sell it for a bit more (4-6k if youre lucky?)

    Otherwise if you want to sell as is, put it up on your facebook or gumtree and try your luck there.

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    It's an unregistered, possibly unroadworthy vehicle that cant be started that is "a little banged up" and you think $2,000 from the dealer is low balling?

    Best way to sell it, take the $2k from the dealer. It will cost you about $200 for a battery if you fit it yourself and close $to 1,000 for the rego check, papers, fees etc. And that's if everything passes and doesn't need any work like new tyres, windscreen, brakes, oil leaks, etc etc.

    Then you will have to put it on ebay/gumtree/carsales and deal with idiot tyre kickers offering you $2,000 because it's "a little banged up". You could spend thousands on it all in the race to make an extra few bucks that wont even pay for the time you have had wasted.


      This is my concern. I am happy to pay a premium for the convenience. Battery aside, the car is roadworthy. I have a roadworthy certificate that is about two months old. The car hasn't been driven since, because we bought a new car and didn't want to pay rego if we were buying another car (a mistake, in hindsight). Another reason for the 2K valuation is that I couldn't back it out of the garage to get a half decent photo…

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        You were half-assed in presenting the car to the dealer(just a picture of half a car?), so the dealer gave you a half-assed price.

        If you got a RWC 2 months ago, then it's been less than 2 month since the rego expired, I believe you can still renew it now(within 3 months of expiry).

        Put some effort into it, renew the rego, get a new battery, give it a good wash, drive it into the dealership and then see what they offer you. If what they offer is still less than what you want, then at least you now have a sellable car then you can sell on carsales, gumtree etc….

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    I'd definitely put in a new battery then stick on gumtree. You've got nothing to loose. You won't get a good price if it won't start.

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      You’ll lose your time dealing with cheapos on scumtree that offer you $500. It’s an 11 year old, damaged and unregistered Corolla hatch. The dealer’s being generous

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        an 11yo, non-bangbus , registered corolla hatch, going for 8k-10k

        OP can spend 5k for panelbeat, new paint, new battery, repairs/rwc/rego
        and still come up on top than dumping to dealer at 2k


          Not very Ozbargain of me, but the effort to get to this point sounds pretty exhausting (with no guarantee of a better outcome).

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    How long has the battery been flat? Perhaps it can simply be charged instead of replaced?


      It isn't registered, so I can't drive it around once it is charged…

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    For increased likelihood of sale obviously you want to get it roadworthy with some rego but then like others are saying you would have invested more time and money into the car thats a little banged up.

    The second hand car market for an average car is usually a buyers market then you sit there and wait for the rego to lapse because you want more value on the sale…

    You might want to choose easy sale or easy money anything inbetween is a bit more work.

    If you think the dealers are ripping you off maybe spend the extras and then put it up for a comparable price. Just put yourself in the buyer's shoes why would they buy your car over something else at the price and what you are offering?

    If they have to spend the extras on the pinkslilps and all why would they pay a premium for that when they take all the risk and can pick up an alternative vehicle with everything good to go and from a more desperate seller not worried about holding on to a 10 year old car that's a little beaten up?

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    Doubt if anyone would wanna buy a car without a test drive. To do that…

    1. Car needs to be registered. An unregistered car on the road…..(fill in the blanks)
    2. To even think of trying point 1, you still need a battery to start the car.
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      Some people would buy without a test drive, but they’ll want a bargain.

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        But OP has been to a dealer already and doesn't like the price they were offered…

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    Vic Roads allows rego to be paid for 3 or 6 months as an option.