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Brilliant Smart Wi-Fi Plug with USB Charger $10 Clearance @ Bunnings


Price has been lowered to $10 (credit to PriceHipster). Bunnings must be clearing their remaining stock. Maybe a new model is coming?

It may pay to live in Tassie, currently showing as In Stock at: Kingston, Kings Medows, North Launceston and Devonport.

Looks to be out of stock or low stock in the few postcodes I checked, so your mileage may vary.

Low Stock in:

  • 2000 Eastgardens

  • 3000 Collingwood, Northland

  • 4000 Newstead

I suggest you call ahead before making a trip to your local!

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  • +10

    Bargain! Could possibly also price match at Officeworks to get them for $9.50 :)

    • +4

      Haha. Possibly.
      I was looking at this literally just yesterday and was contemplating whether or not I should buy at $15. It's now $10 and I'm still unsure. Maybe it's time to handover my OzB badge

    • +12
    • What about that bulk buy thing, would they give me a single piece

      • Sydney OW clerence street is out of stock though

        • Cle(a)rance Street. Good place for a store selling this :)

    • +4

      Bought 4 for $32.92 from OW. Called their customer service to price match and place the order for collection. He said it will be $32.92. I said Okay! Comes to $8.23 per unit.

    • Got few from OW Carnegie for $9.50
      around 5 left on the shelf

    • Just about managed to get my local to price match even though the closest Bunnings stock was an hour away.

  • Does this monitor power usage?

    • +1


      • Damn… Looks like I'll keep waiting for the TP-Link ones to go on sale

  • Clearing it for a new version?

    • What does this plug lack?
      Should I be looking for something else?

      • Curious to know why they're clearing it.

        It's not as feature rich as others.

      • It lacks power usage monitoring but that's not an issue for most people.
        It works perfectly for me.

        • does it have high frequency whine / sound ?

          • +1

            @phunkydude: Not in my experience, I have 2x Brilliant and 2x Genio's. They are almost identical. The Genio cases are a little more sleek, and the GPIO's are different, but basically the same on the inside. Neither have given me any grief nor any sound coming from them other than the relays when turning on and off.

      • Some do power consumption.

        These aren't as secure as they could be, but unless you leave it outside or where someone could steal it, your WiFi password should be safe.

        • I haven't looked closely at these before. But I'm confused why your wifi password would be a concern… i.e. Don't you just connect to these using your phone? (If they steal one haven't they taken the only device that operates on that password anyway?)

          • @GregMonarch: they connect to your wifi, so you need to give them your wifi password.

            • @theguyrules: Oh, but wouldn't it be the other way around? i.e. You only need to send a signal to them - not receive one from them. So each one (should have, anyway) it's own password you connect your phone/computer/etc. to, to turn them on/off?

              • +2

                @GregMonarch: Any device that uses a secure wifi connection needs the password to use it. WiFi is bidirectional. Therefore the smart switch needs to have the wifi password stored on it. Using the app is a different matter and therefore different username password.

                • @whats up skip: I have an issue that they’ll only connect to 2.4 wifi when my phone and everything run on my 5g wifi. Any ideas how I can make them work?

                  • @berko_max: Only during the initial setup you need to force you phone to use 2.4GHz. After that it doesn't matter how you connect to the same network.

              • @GregMonarch: No, like the thing connects to your wifi. So it needs the wifi password. I have one, that’s how they work.

    • +1

      I work retail that sells brilliant smart home stuff, I did see a Brilliant powerboard and some light bulbs rgb downlight etc. There were also the same plug but with power monitoring.

    • +1

      Was just bought in as promotional stock, according to staff.

  • +4

    do these block the second wall outlet? some of these are chunky AF like the TP-link ones

    • +8

      They don't block the second wall outlet, you can put two side by side in fact.

      • +14

        Good to know, the freaking TP link ones, while it works well, are indeed chunkier than a Kardashian.

    • They don't block it

    • They won't fit side by side for me. They can be used with a regular plug along side however.

  • +2

    Wow! I have been meaning to go grab them from officeworks for around 3 weeks now, after the last deal was posted for $15 each, just didnt have the time. Glad I was lazy, saved $5 a hit!

    Definitely going to go today and Price Match :D

  • +1


    I use these with my LED Downlights.
    Work a charm with google home.

    The brilliant app allows for sunset/sunrise switching too!

    • Is that safe? I've got LED downlights as well and this is the first time I've heard of anyone doing this.

      • +1

        If they're standard plugin ones (even in the roof) they're fine. Just have your powerboard connected to this, then into your standard downlight powerpoint, and you're set.

        • That's awesome, cheap way to make the downlights "smart". Mine is in the roofspace, but I'll need a number of these plugs as each light is connected to individual GPOs. Would this also mean that I'll need to keep the physical switch button on "on"?

          • +2

            @cray: Correct - the traditional lightswitch stays on to power the GPO. Plug ONE smart wifi plug in per room, then connect all your downlights through that one with any old powerboard (and extension leads for distant lights).

            You could put a wifi plug on each individual GPO - but that's an expensive solution compared to a couple of leads and a powerboard!

            • +2

              @Switchblade88: Thanks for that! Very handy, just would be slightly annoyed if/when the wifi is down and I need to climb up to the roof space and turn the switch on lol.

              • @cray: Hmmm, didn't think about that…

                I wonder if there's a way to set the switch as normally on in the settings; then any blackout/wifi loss etc means it goes back to a dumb downlight again. Then you'd be set

            • +3

              @Switchblade88: I'm pretty sure that's illegal to use powerboards and extension cords in the roof cavity.

              I would be worried about voiding of your insurance should there be a fire.

              • @placard: It's illegal to install permanent cabling without a licence e.g. in walls to GPO points etc. But anything downstream of a standard powerpoint is deemed safe and thus there's no problems.

                That's one reason they're used for downlights, to make them user replaceable.

                • +1

                  @Switchblade88: Ah k, I see…I do think though I'd be hesitant about installing anything like this in the roof where I couldn't see it regularly. If something started to degrade I wouldn't be aware.

        • a newbie question.. if you have hooked up the lights this way could you still operate the light with the switch the traditional way. ie use as smart light or traditional light whenever I want

          • @Archi: Not really - as soon as you turn off the switch your smart plug loses power, and therefore won't respond to wifi commands.

            Then you'd have to turn it back on and wait for the smart plug to reconnect before you'd be able to use it again.

            • @Switchblade88: This is the downfall of my situation.

              However I only use them in spots of infrequent use - theatre room as an example

              Or we just scream out “HEY GOOGLE, TURN THIS LIGJT ON”

              • @Owgasm: OK.. mods didn't like an eBay link as an example.

                Would you think a smart light switch would be more effective in this situation.

                It's a touch panel smart wifi light switch.

                • +2

                  @Archi: Yeah absolutely. I actually bought $100 worth of china ones. Not realising the potential death threat they posed. So they’re still brand new in bag.

                  This was my only solution to retain 14W LED downlights. I had the aldi 9W ones but they were too dim.

      • :) I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be safe! But it works for me! And my wife loves it!

  • Not in stock anywhere near me ;/

  • No stock anywhere near me

  • Checked Maribyrnong, Port Melbourne, Brunswick, Altona and Sunshine. Only Altona has stock

    • I pricedmatched at my local Officewoeks.

  • What area of Bunnings would one find this?
    (I previously just price matches office works

    • Behind the service desk for me.

  • In stock or low stock at various Gold Coast stores.

  • +4

    I wasted 2 hours at bunnings Carsaldine other day . Finally one guy came to help which was no help he had no idea what Wifi is

    • +9

      Hahaha…oh dear!

      Sounds like lowest intelligence is just the beginning.

    • Were you looking for these adaptors or something else? I was going to head down to Carseldine tonight to pick up some of these…

    • +1

      Google for "Chopper Bunnings". You could thank me later. :-)

    • Carseldine has been showing stock available for weeks, but the staff can't find the box! Didn't check at the service counter however. I ended up going to Officeworks and they price beat no questions asked.

      • They had them well hidden at the Morayfield store (super high top shelf opposite the smart lights - totally different isle to the smart sockets). A workmate bought down the bay and they were just in a box down some random isle. lol

  • +1

    Oh forgot to mention go to the Officeworks they beat the heat and save another $1 or so and easy to find

  • I suspect Bunnings didn't like Brilliant dealing with Aldi. Can't blame Brilliant as Bunnings didn't seem to give them a good location or carry their other products.

    I wonder if Bunnings is going to release a similar device under their own brand.

    • +1

      i thought aldi's version is medion at $20

      • Aldi sold a range of Brilliant WiFi LED lights in the last couple of months.

      • Aldi's Medion are now just under $10 if you can find stock. My Bribie Island store still has a few. They are big and square and totally block the next outlet however.

    • As with Aldi, these were bought in as a promotional product. When they're gone, they're gone.
      Some stores show a negative stock level on Bunnings system!

  • +3

    Good luck finding these, even the ones showing stock say they don't actually have stock, system is wrong.

  • Guy at Bunnings told me they are going with these Arlec ones instead. Can’t find the single unit but they were $19 each from memory.

    • I hope not.

      • What is wrong with the Arlec ones out of curiosity?

        • Ones from Arlec look wider than Brilliant's and may block the outlet next to it.

        • +1

          The internals of the Brilliant allow flashing to open source firmware which can have advantages. Don't know about the Arlec.

  • +1

    Most stores don’t have them out on the floor. Usually in a box up on top of the shelf.

  • My HS100 plugs have an audible noise when they're on, do these?

    • +1

      My HS100 don't make a noise and neither does my one of these.

      If it is a really high pitched noise then may be it makes it and I can't hear it.

      • my aldi medion 2018 makes high frequency whine

        bought another one this year (looks the same but different markings/words) , and it's fine

    • I have the same problem with a HS110 even when the relay is off. This only started after a few months of use
      No issue with the Brilliant so far but miss the power monitoring.

      • Do you mean HS100? The HS110 has power monitoring.

  • Thanks OP, I live just around the corner from Kingston Bunnings!

    • Better MYA!

  • At Bunnings Smithfield, Sydney, NSW.
    Nothing here on shelf, with tplink, website says in stock.

    Might ask, but doubtful anyone can help anyways

    • +1

      The 2 Bunnings I went to had the plugs at the Service Counter.

      • Found them thanks to this comment.

    • I was there. They’re all in a big floor standing tub in front of the cables and power Boards.

  • Can these by controlled from anywhere or just home wifi?

    • Anywhere.

    • Works anywhere for me, with internet access

  • nothing wrong with this, i've used for few month and reliable. work with home assistant

  • +2


    At my local Sydney store (Smithfield).
    They’re not located on shelf with the smart/wifi bulb section with Phillips etc. nor were they with Arlec smart plugs

    They were located - Same aisle as the power boards and outlets.
    Located on the floor in boxes (mid aisle). With the box cut open on display.

    Good luck, if anyone wants some and for some reason would work out better for me to grab them. Let me know

    • +1

      Also, I just bought a few and they scanned at $15 still. So either not updated or pricing error. Show them the website link and they’ll fix it

  • These were bought in as a promotional product. So once sold out, unlikely to be restocked.

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