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Hisense 55R7 $752, 55R6 $616, 65R6 $840, 65R7 $1096, 75R6 $1399 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Great prices on hisense TVs with the New code.


65R6 Hisense

65R7 Hisense

75R6 Hisense


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  • Any 85 inch?
    75 might do at this price…

  • Wow that is cheap.
    I got my 55R7 for $888 and it is fast and snappy.

    $165-$300 delivery to Bundaberg /Gladstone Queensland though.

    • 65R7 is $1096 now!

  • R6 or R7? What are the differences? Thanks

    • +1

      If I remember it right
      - 100Hz vs 50Hz.
      - Dolby Vison HDR vs HDR
      _Improved OS

      R7 REVIEW

      6 (R6), 4K, HDR10, edge-lit in 43, 50, 55, 65 and 75-inch
      7 (R7), 4K, Dolby Vision, voice control, edge-lit in 50, 55, 65, and 75-inch

      • Good summary. R7 also has local dimming but it's the fake PWM kind so not a huge plus.

      • Haha can play Dolby Vision HDR but can't display it in true Dolby Vision cos of only 8 bit FRC panel.

  • Wow, just 3 months or so ago I got the 65R7 for 1500$. A great tv for this price here. Happy with the picture, though the VIDAA OS doesn't have many useful apps apart from the standard netflix, prime and youtube. Also, please note that this TV needs a soundbar with dolby atmos to enable it's dolby atmos feature.

  • +2

    Why you don't have a Sony sound bar

    • +4

      You mean famous ozb Yamaha soundbar

      • Which is the famous OzB soundbar?

  • I bought the 65R6 in the last sale - so far so good
    Excellent delivery too arrived the day after I placed order

    • Are you in the same state?

    • hows the tv? is the motion rate 100hz or 50? its so confusing with their terminology of clear motion rate. is the UI fast and works well?

  • +2

    Whoah!!!!! 1399 for the 75R6! thats incredible! I own one of these and the picture is by far the greatest i have seen on any TV of this size! and for such a cheap price!

    • +1

      Very tempting but I bought the 65 N7 series 2 years ago and cant justify buying a new TV allready

      Maybe december next year at the earliest

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    These prices make me sad I bought one of last year’s models 😖

    • Sorry to see this 😢

  • Does anyone know what courier company these guys use?

    • Hunter Express

      • Mine was delivered to Perth via Allied Express. So maybe it depends on the state.

        • Yeah mine was to Adelaide

          • @GiggityGiggity: Adelaide represent! How long did delivery take from when you initially placed the order?

            • @YellowKnight: It was pretty quick. Dispatched same day and arrived after a few business days.

              I paid $1450 delivered for my 65R7 in July which was great price then.

              • @GiggityGiggity: Were there any issues with delivery, say if you aren't at home on the delivery date?

                • +1

                  @YellowKnight: Not sure about that. Wife was home and was delivered by a chick in a van who needed help to unload TV due to size/weight. So that's something to consider.
                  They did ring first tho

          • @GiggityGiggity: How was your experience with Hunter? I’m waiting for a delivery from appliance central and their tracking system seems very odd- there’s lots of “onforwarding” segments

            • @OzBerghainer: Yeah iirc their tracking was abit all over the place.

              Hunter driver called me the morning of delivery and had no issues

  • I bought the 75R6 recently with binglee offer on Ebay $1390 delivered. Excellent TV , great picture quality

  • +1

    Their 65R8 price is no good tho - $1700 + delivery.
    Has been as low as $1200 - and available last week for mid-$1400.

    Good prices on some other models though.

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    Doesn't post to Tasmania :-(

    • +9

      Does anything post to Tasmania?

      • +6

        just convicts .. haha

    • +3

      Ozbargain is for Australia only, hence Oz 😉

  • Do they have built in client/app for Plex? If not how people use Plex with this tv?
    I have lg now with built in Plex client, very good layout and easy to operate and use from my NAS

    • Nvidia Shield + Kodi FTW.

      • I have Chromecast, laptop, Nas Synology already… Don't want to have extra gadgets

        • I have the exact same set up. You can't go wrong with adding a Nvidia Shield and having Kodi. It just works so much better than Plex. Plex is like Apple, Kodi is like Android.

          • @YellowKnight: ok i get what you mean about plex apple yes agree. i have android phones. but for just watching movies i am happy with plex.

    • +1

      My N7 came with Plex installed and no worries using it.

    • The P series came with Dixflix

  • Does anyone think the 65r7 will be around the same price or even a little cheaper come December? The plan was to wait till Christmas, but these prices are tempting.

    • Everything is cheaper come Black Friday and Christmas, however thats still 2-3 months away. You either need it now or you dont and can wait.

      • Goes down by $100 at Christmas. 100 / 3 = $33 a month.

        • amen!

    • +1

      Everyone downvoting me doesn't seem to understand how decisions work in a tight budget family lol.

      • +1

        Pretty simple, if budget is tight, then remember that televisions are not a utility.

        • Precisely why it's a Christmas gift for the family after putting miniscule amounts away across the year.

          • +1

            @Frayin: If it's for Christmas buy it at Christmas. Otherwise technically you would buy it now, pay for something that shouldn't be opened until Christmas.

  • hate paying delivery? Where is this villawood to pickup?

    • 201 Woodville Rd, Villawood NSW 2163

    • -3

      Ever hears about Google?

  • +2

    Can you pick up the 75" in a convertible?

    • You can put the TV on top as a roof and you still have the overhangs around the car.

      • -5

        I am NOT in one of the SE Asia country.

    • No. Height wise a 75' fills a van. Bunnings has cheap van hire.

  • Does anyone know why delivery is quoted as $120 but at checkout only comes to $85 or $70?

  • Has any one got a Hisense 55px? I am considering it as its an OLED, just wanted to get some feedback if anyone has it.

    • +1 me too :)

      • +1

        Yep got one but sorry to say got nothing really to compare it to. It's replacing a Samsung plasma. All I can say is picture is definitely a step up from the plasma but have noticed a couple of times where there has been blurring during fast motion scenes watching free to air TV. It's still a bit reflective in daylight viewing but better than the plasma was. Sorry I can't add much more than that

  • Can anyone with the 75R6 confirm the width of the stand? Most manufacturers space the stand out nowadays and don't really want to have to factor in the cost of a new stand as well (wall mounting isn't really an option as far as I understand as it would be going onto a double brick rendered wall).

    Also I picked up the 55N6 as a second tv 12 months ago and reasonably happy with it, is the R6 essentially the equivalent model to the N6? Recall thinking perhaps I should have gone for the N7 a couple of months after purchase as the prices kept falling.

    • ~1.6m. Unlike last year's P series, it looks like there is not a narrow position.

      These are ~32kg. I would not trust the aftermarket stands I found via Google with a TV this big and heavy. I would not want to put much more than a 32" on stands like those. Manufacturers have moved to feet at the extremes of large TV's for a reason (safety - child and pet crush deaths).

  • Can anyone that owns any of these TV's comment on their speed when using the internet and Youtube? My current TV is always lagging and buffering when accessing the internet even though my internet speed is perfectly fine on all other devices, and the TV is also in the same room as the router. The firmware is also updated but I'm thinking maybe it's just because the TV is too old now D:

    • Try it in store. Google the model you want to find which stores stock it.

      Hisense are horrible with firmware updates. Your experience will not get any better.

  • +2

    I'm going to stick with my plasma until OLED is this price.

    • May never be. I gave up waiting… Yields will never achieve critical mass. That's why Samsung went a different direction with microLED

  • WTB 65R8 under 1400 please

  • Thanks OP, probably didn't need it but bought the 65R7 at that price.

    Although already having buyers regret that I didnt buy the 75 at that price haha

  • Hi I've got the opportunity to get a 50P7 for around the price of the 55R6. Which would be the pick of the two? Cheers

  • does it have a mic in it?

  • which would be better buy as the price is not really different much? 65r6 or 55r7?

    • If you have large room, bigger TV gives you more vision impact. If you are kind of tech nerd, go newer model for more features.

  • Looks like the 65 R6 is gone now

  • Waiting at home right now for mine to be delivered today. Maybe I should pull out my mailbox so they can't just leave a card.

  • I have choice paralysis.

    Can't decide on 65R6 or 75R6…

    • That's easy!!


      Size does matter!!

      • The extra size would be awesome but 100hz vs 50hz… The decision is killing me. Anyone else go through same thing? If so, what did you choose?

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