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[eBay Plus] Nerf Laser Ops - Alphapoint Lazer Blaster $0.99 + Delivery ($0 for Selected Postcodes) @ Nerf eBay


FREE POSTAGE FOR SELECTED POST CODES ONLY: eg 2000 is free. Otherwise it varies from $10.95 to $19.94 (or more?)

(Note that you need eBay Plus for the 99¢ code to work, but it doesn't guarantee free delivery.)

Part 1 of the 99¢ Deals.

The blasters feature lights and sounds, indicators to track health and ammo, quick-reload button, and unlimited ammo. Amp up the play with the Nerf Laser Ops app! Power up for action with the AlphaPoint blaster!
The Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint blaster fires a single-shot IR burst with each pull of the trigger and registers hits with lights and sounds. Players aim for the multidirectional receiver dome on the top of an opponents blaster to score a hit. Designed with unlimited ammo, the AlphaPoint blaster has a quick-reload button to replenish thei ammo supply to keep on battling. With the team indicator, players can select to face off in a team or in a free-for-all. Not compatible with Nerf Lazer Tag blasters.
Lights on the back of the AlphaPoint blaster displays the players the health status and ammo capacity, so they can keep track of when its time to reload, and how close they may be to being eliminated from the game. The blaster has an indoor-outdoor switch to adjust for different environments.
Battlers can amp up their play via the Nerf Laser Ops app by using the included armband to wear a smartphone device (not included) on their arm. In the app, they can access real-time battle intel that allows them to customize the blaster, track their performance, earn power-ups, and use GPS to locate opponents during battle! The AlphaPoint blaster comes with a solo attachment that holds the phone and attaches to the blaster, allowing for single-player battling with the app.


  • Battle-ready out of the box — amp up play with the app
  • Features light and sound effects, unlimited ammo and quick-reload button
  • Includes indicators to display health, ammo and team selection
  • Customize the blaster, track performance and detect enemies with the app


  • Birthday Parties
  • Christmas Presents
  • Outdoor Games
  • Celebration Gifts

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    • +1

      $0.99 each hour, until 2pm.

      Will be revealed on the hour.

      • Where do these deals get posted?

  • Get it delivered to your work if in CBD? Free then I guess.

  • Pretty shocked I managed to get one half an hour after it went live.

  • Yay got 1, what's next hour?

    • Next Mystery Baby Deal.

  • $11 postage is stopping me from getting one. is this useful on it's own?

  • great fakeebayplus deal, they're dream'in with the shipping fees

    • -1

      great fakeebayplus deal

      I think only for Metro area, you can see a lot of people got it for $0.99

      • I'm metro too but in Perth. even used my work address in CBD Perth, still $19

  • +3

    Last night the whingers were saying not enough stock/unattainable . 42 mins in still alive lol at 99 c even slow A$$'s can join the party .

  • Work for me Melbourne 31— Thanks

  • Thanks OP. Got one

  • free shipping to here.. so a + from me and still avaialble

    • +1

      No, I checked here. Not free.

  • Thanks Op, not sure why I bought one so damn you OzB for the 99c spend… forgot cashback though… :D

  • Anyone from Adelaide able to get one?

  • Once you're all done buying these and realise you don't want them, I'll take a few off your hands for… (how much is postage??) maybe $10 each delivered?? These would be good fun for a kids party.

  • Sold out :(

  • gone, out of stock, damn was on the payment already

  • Got one. No idea what it does. I read the description, and I still don't know. I'm not even certain a single gun is of any use?

    Still, it's a win !

  • I just got it like a min back and now see it as expired, so ordered just in time..thanks op

  • Man, it would have made a good present for the neighbours kiddos! All gone.

  • Whats the 11am deal?

    • +1


      • where can we see what is on per hour?

        EDIT: NVM I found the categories

        • where did you find?

    • Some baby related

  • I think the seller has added new stock

  • Baby wipes


    • how? tell us

  • I picked up a two-pack of these from Target Wodonga on Monday for $20.

  • Baby one is wipes and it’s up

  • code is P99DV

    • Legend!

    • How did you find the code? I couldn't

  • Next deal "10x Huggies 56 Wipes Pure Soft Gentle Baby Wipe/Natural Fibres/Sensitive Skin"

    I will skip to let baby that needs it.

  • meh..$18.95 shipping to WA metro..

  • Is the code still display on the eBay-Plus-Offers-Deals page?

  • Out of stock?

  • Thanks OP. I managed to snag one delivered free to work

    • Do you work at Australia Post?

  • 12pm deal - P99AR
    Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad/Mat for Smartphones/iPhone X Xs 8/Samsung S8 S9

  • Shipped

  • Arrived this morning with fastway courier. That was fast

  • Mine arrived already… 99 cents, free next day shipping.

    • +1

      Yep. Less than 24hr between order and delivery. Pretty impressive for 99c.

  • so this just arrived…already!

  • Mine also arrived. The print on the box looks kinda crap, almost like a replica (fuzzy prints, 5 different languages on the box). Anyways, prob worth 99c

  • +1

    Received my order this morning

  • +1

    This isn't even worth $1. Absolute garbage

    • Thought the nappy wipes would be the bottom of the pile but agree with you lol .

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