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I wonder who pays for this stuff up, Uber or Dominos? Anyhooo..... ordered, fingers crossed!
21/01/2022 - 19:12
Are they included in the sale? I picked a random item:...
26/04/2021 - 21:44
I've got these ball valve things instead of the sump plugs, the make the job so much easier and neater:
27/09/2020 - 20:24
24/03/2020 - 01:06
I know the feeling! In my case I actually had an OBDII scanner on my buy-this-when-you-get-around-to-it list, so... yay!
26/02/2020 - 18:09
Looks like there is hardly any stock left.
21/02/2020 - 14:11
I've got a pair of VANS in size US 9.5. It seems like the 1/2 sizes aren't available online, is that right??
24/01/2020 - 21:28
x2 I figured it out, no thanks to the tutorial.
04/12/2019 - 10:53
Breaks skin up to 80cm away? Really? That's a lot more powerful than I thought! They have videos of this shooting tomatoes from 3cm away...
02/12/2019 - 17:48
'Special promotions' - I wonder what that means in this context
29/11/2019 - 10:03
I'm curious about why there are so many 'gaming' PC deals. Is it because most new PC buyers are gamers? Or most PC buyers want a 'gaming'...
22/11/2019 - 07:59
So this post says it works on any platform, but on the SB website it doesn't mention that. It still says "Make sure that you have...
11/11/2019 - 12:19
I often buy on eBay with no coupons, because usually I can't find any discounts on whatever I'm trying to buy. There was a time, maybe a...
28/10/2019 - 21:28
I'd be kicking myself too if that had been me!
28/10/2019 - 21:24
Once you're all done buying these and realise you don't want them, I'll take a few off your hands for... (how much is postage??) maybe $10...
03/10/2019 - 10:50
Weeeeeee! :D So the second one is $25 less 20% or $20. Maybe I'll get one more.
03/10/2019 - 10:45
The problem I have with this is that you need 2x to play with it, and you can only get one for 99c (which I did)... so now I need another...
03/10/2019 - 10:40
I haven't tried this 'Lepin' stuff, but in my personal experience fake Lego sucks - the quality control is far below Lego, so the pieces...
24/06/2019 - 11:31
Hang on... does that mean, I can get 10% off the order, 7% cash back, and another 5% off using eGift cards? That's * roughly * 22%?! Edit -...
21/05/2019 - 21:13
Can I save things to my cart, close, and then later when I'm ready click in through Shopback and finish shopping and pay?
16/04/2019 - 22:42
HSBC and UBank are advertising no-frills 3.59% variable rate loans. The lack of offset accounts may be off-putting though.
09/04/2019 - 21:11
I'm getting "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later."
09/04/2019 - 09:27
AC, no. Fan, yes.
25/02/2019 - 20:58
I once had a car with a turbo timer, too. I think I had a similar experience to you, ie no problem.
25/02/2019 - 10:05
There are signs to turn off mobile phones as well. I wonder how many fools ignore those signs too!
25/02/2019 - 10:01
I guess they could. The OP came with the question 'are there any risks' so we're discussing risks.
25/02/2019 - 09:53
Takeaway point - in some places it's normal to leave your car running while refilling.
25/02/2019 - 09:51