Moved into a new place - NBN already connected... someone else must be paying?

Alright OzB brains-trust Internet ethics question for you:

I just moved in to a new place that's been empty for at least 2-3 months. I decided to sign up for Aussie Broadband FTTP with the latest deal, signed up, plugged my modem into Uni-D1, and then was confused to see I was getting a Telstra IP…

Turns out my service was provisioned on Uni-D2, because there's already a service someone else is paying for on Uni-D1!

Can I be on the hook financially for using someone else's service?

What would you guys do? 'Steal' someone's connection(that they clearly can't use), or be good guy Greg and pay for your own?


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    It sounds like you have signed up with Aussie broadband, so wouldn’t it make sense to use the service that you’re already paying for?


      Yeah but it's month to month, so can just cancel any time and then flip over to the 'free' telstra service.

      I'll see out this first month, but then really not sure what to do haha


    How long has it been? It may be a case of the previous occupants paid it until the next month billing cycle.


      Place has been empty from at least mid July, and it's still working now. I was wondering about someone who locked in to a contract and will just pay it out rather than cancel? No idea?


        Could well be. Can't think of a way to find that out unless you try again in 6 months from July (which is a fairly long time for someone to avoid cancellation).

        If it still works, start a new thread.


    First, I'd call Telstra. They can reach out to the contract owner. Second, speak to the RE agent/landlord, they can also check that out for you.


    Telstra would need a contract with your name on it to be able to bill you. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just use your new ABB service.

    If you want just call telstra and explain and see what the deal is. But it's really not your problem unless you start using it :P


    downgrade your ABB to cheapest / lowest quota & speed

    use telstra until suddenly disconnected

    or cancel abb if you're ok with sudden disconnection

    as above, telstra can't bill you , same as dud power bills issued as 'To Residents' , you got no contract with them for them to bill you


    Cheers all, I'll probably see if it's still active a day or two before my first month with ABB is expiring and then if it's still active, cancel ABB and see how long I can mooch off the other account til it gets dropped!

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    I work for Telstra, I can pretty much guarantee that if you call up and explain to them your situation, they’ll stuff it up some how and you’ll end up with a $1000 bill and no service

    PM me your address, I’ll have a look for you


    Bond the connections

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    Many years ago, when a call to the UK cost $2 per minute and wages were about $100 a week, my brother moved into a flat. He managed to "obtain" a handset from his work, plugged it in and it worked. He made a lot of calls to our grandmother in England. After about 3 months he was caught and charged with theft. The judge said he was a genius and convicted him! Be careful.

    I disagree with the judge's opinion of my brother's intelligence!

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    What would you guys do? 'Steal' someone's connection

    You know what the answer.


    I'd "steal" the connection but I'd also be prepared to suck it up if:

    1) The service suddenly stopped and I was without internet for a week or 3.

    2) I eventually got a bill that was for a reasonable charge.