is Kogan Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable (2m) legit? it is not with retail package at all

I have just received 'Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable (2m)' x3 bought from Kogan and they have sent them in a very simple package, I am doubting if they are selling the fake one.

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    We’ve purchased these before and they are not genuine Apple cables. I’m not sure what gave you the impression they were.

    Ours have lasted about a year but 1 by 1 they’ve all died.


      They come with a year warranty, so if they lasted any less you can claim.


      wow with that kind of price, damn it should be ($64!! don't pay $105 ROFL


        They are legit according to website.

        If op believes they are not he needs to check it isn’t fake, maybe apple store can help.

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    Legit, as in genuine Apple product? No chance. Might be factory OEM or close copy.


    Nothing on that page says genuine. Apple don't sell bulk cables either; they're packaged individually in a small square box

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    It is obviously not genuine, but personally I can’t see why Kogan can advertise “Apple USB-C to Lightning” when it isn’t.

    If they said something like “Apple-compatible” or “Apple-approved” then fair enough.


      The blue shrink wrap is definitely not an apple thing, I don't think it is genuine cable from apple, but it could be a cable using an apple MFi chip made by some other factory.

      It would be interesting to know what apple says when you take it to them and check if it is genuine APPLE cable or not.

      In the warrant and returns section it says:

      "This product also comes with a manufacturer warranty;

      1 Year Apple Warranty (Included)"
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    This product also comes with a manufacturer warranty;

    1 Year Apple Warranty (Included)

    It might be genuine. As the apple logo is present on the image. As Kogan is a big company I don't think they would put an apple logo on a fake product as they would violate their trademark.


    Try going to apple store and ask if they are genuine apple.

    It says the product is a international version. Further,
    “International versions are brand new, genuine products. You may notice minor differences when compared with versions purchased locally”

    So they should be genuine.

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    Ask for a full refund. If they make a fuss go to the ACCC for false advertising.


      So ask for refund before certifying the legitimacy of the product? It's a grey import, has the apple logo and all descriptions use capital a Apple branding.