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Hankook Tyres - Buy 3 Get 1 Free, Prices from $270 for a Set of 4 Tyres


Good for cheap rubber, includes the well reviewed K415


Start under $90 from Bob Jane so about $270 a set for a small car, ring round use price promises you might do better…


A few similar buy 3 get one free from Dunlop and Yokohama too, so looks like a good time if you need a new set of tyres.

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    cool, any recommendations for a small Mazda 3 hatchback?


      K415?, read the numbers off the current tyre to check size and price using the link I put above.

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        oh as in how these compare to other brands as most brands are also doing buy 3 get 1 free


    Update the title to reflect this only applies for the Optimo range? Doesn't apply to the Ventus range, I got excited for a moment =(
    (or the Kinergys but don't care about those)

    edit - Jax and Bob Jane Tyre websites are saying this also extends to the Dynapro AT-M and AT2


      Same here. Was after a set of H452 205/50R17s.
      So far cheapest is Tempe tyres via eBay with discount codes + gift cards


        Is Tempe tyres doing the buy 3 get 1 free deal? I can't find it mentioned anywhere on their website.


          No. They arent an offical supplier I guess. But for the H452 205/50R17 standard price @ Tempe Tyres is $129 each via eBay.
          So 4 x $129 = $515 standard price

          at Jax and BJ they are approx $180 each. So even with deal its $185 x 3 = $555.


      Damn that got me excited too.

      Was potentially keen on a set of RS4's :(


    Thanks OP I'm looking for new tyres.


    is it always advisable to do the wheel alignment and that sort of thing when replacing a full set of tyres?

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      If its been a while since your last alignment then yes, I would recommend it. No point fitting new tyres and then having uneven or rapid wear due to poor alignment.


      When I get a set of new tyres, it come a wheel balancing for free. Wheel alignment is not required in most cases.
      Wheel alignment is only needed when your steering wheel is straight but when you drive, your car veers off to the side


        Alignment problems can be front or rear, dependent on the car.

        You don't have to be veering one way or another to have your wheel alignment/s out.

        Generally you should get an alignment done every 10k.


    any recommendation for Civic 2017 vtis sedan ?



    Is kumho better than bridgestone?
    Should I wait for amex deal at the end of the year?


    Any recommendations with a CX-5?


    Recommendations for 2019 Mercedes S560 with 21" wheels?


    Is pirelli cinturato p6 still better than hankook k415 or on a par/equally good? Anyone know?

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