HOYTS vouchers - where to buy $10 or less?

Where do u guys buy movie vouchers these days? Need to stock up with great movies (mostly 3D) about to be released. $20+ pp for 3D is a daylight robbery!

Last month I bought couple from a friend, I think he got it through entertainment book deals. He no longer has more to sell to me though :(

Someone also told me it's available in melb uni student union, which I guess students only and (I think) still need to pay for union membership (based on their website).

Any other places?

I think we should have a wiki-page/spreadsheet for known place/means to get cheap movie vouchers. Similar to those domino's online codes. Will be handy.



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    i've rarely come across 3D movie pass for $10.
    it's mostly nomral passes and then you pay $3 extra for 3D.

    i think u can get a book of 10 normal ones at the movies for $110.


    Sorry, that was I meant too. I also used $10 normal vouchers with $2.50 upgrade fee (excluding glasses).

    So can we just rock up to the ticket box and ask to buy 10 vouchers? or just selected cinemas? Membership/etc?


    Hi jinroh,
    not sure if this is relevant and useful for your needs,
    we are running some "registered user movie ticket promotion" days ago.

    some of the best ones for cheap tickets:
    $19.50 - 20 pieces of blue eco-friendly pen + Free Movie Ticket x 1.

    buy any 20units of item in link below to get free movie ticket:

    the movie ticket is Hoyts movie ticket with upgrade option at cinemas:
    3D Movie upgrade - $2.50 upgrade fee when used at Cinemas
    extra $1.50 for 3D glasses

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    Isn't there a special at Hoyts atm, buy 10 tix for $100? or maybe it's finished now, not sure…

    I am a member of MBF and can get Hoyts tix at discounted prices ($10.50 A & $8 kids/seniors), also Greater Union/Event tix even cheaper ($10 A & $7.50 kids). So if you know any friends or rellos with MBF memberships, you can get them to purchase the tix online, once it's paid, it will be sent instantly as PDF files to their email address. After that they can just send the files to your email address, for you to download and print the tix yourself, saving them having to print them out for you. The tix are upgradeable for 3D movies.


    hi i have a couple of hoyts movie vouchers you can have for $11 each.


    Thanks to 'finance' link above, I've just bought 10 tickets + 1 free through spendless.net.au, using medibank membership. Expiry April 2012.

    $11 each, but 1 free ticket makes it $10 each, which is exactly what I'm looking for (+$1.50 shipping) Also, they have shop in Malvern if want to buy over the counter.

    Now I know where to get my cheap tickets.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, keep 'em coming!


    How do you use your medibank membership to buy tickets from spendless.net.au?


    Three things for you mate

    1/ All optus customers can register for yes tickets its only for event/greater union ciemas though tix are around $10 but not all sessions and not on the weekends from memory

    2/ I was at hoyts the other day and was approached by a hoyts guy who signed me up for their version of cinebuzz club i think its normally $10 to join with a free ticket and than discounts and free tickets follow but he did not charge me and we got the movie for free.

    In theory if you are dedicated enough you could start up a new thing each time with a new email and get a free ticket for $10

    3/ im not sure what area you are in but alot of the local cinemas are alot cheaper than hoyts/event not always as good but my local Randwick Ritz charges $11 for an adult extra $8 you get popcorn a drink and a choc top


    Thanks for this post. I just bought the 10 x Tickets + 1 Medibank Bonus from Spendless and had them delivered to Perth in a few days. Cheers!


    $11 each, but 1 free ticket makes it $10 each, which is exactly what I'm looking for (+$1.50 shipping) Also, they have shop in Malvern if want to buy over the counter.

    Now showing $12.95 ea. Dang !
    But thanks for the link. Will keep checking it.


      That price was for a while ago. I've found it's very hard to get vouchers for $10 these days.

      Btw, $12.95 is for non-medibank member. If you are, check:


      $11.50 for either Adult National/Victoria.

      Also, looks like they are running buy 10 get 1 free promotion again.

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