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Samsung Galaxy A50 $399, Galaxy A70 $519, Galaxy A30 $303, Galaxy A20 $232 (C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


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    A70 or mi9t pro?

    They seem to be fairly similar, the expandable storage is a big plus.
    Would there be much of a performance difference?

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      Similar? Mi 9T Pro smash all these.


      A70 has an SD675 compared to SD855.

      The thing is Xiaomi phones continue to get Android updates and security patches for much longer and more frequently.

      Also from what I can see the Mi 9T Pro looks like to have NFC and B28.

      Just hope it has L1 support is built in, in terms of Widevine support. If it has only L3 then it’s only 720p video in Netflix etc.


    Will Samsung a50 work in Malaysia ?

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    Avoid Samsung A50 if you can't live without fingerprint scanner. It is so trash that I returned the phone. Most people turn it off given how bad it is. Not sure if the A70 scanner is the same.


      I've tried a Samsung A50 and the under screen fingerprint reader is pretty crap. Way too slow and I struggled to get it to work at all on someone else who has more worn out fingers - Think probably worse than 1st gen fingerprint scanners like the Samsung S5 or iPhone 5s.
      Unless somehow it gets better with time or an update has sped it up?
      Going by other comments, the A70 is just as bad.
      The A30 with its regular fingerprint scanner could be a better choice if you use it to unlock daily.

      The rest of the phone seemed nice though.
      The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom I've used with its in display fingerprint scanner is almost as good as a regular one for comparison to the point I wouldn't complain or notice.


      I've got an a70, coming from the s7 it's a tad slower but the placement and it being able to work from sleep makes up for it.

      Unlikely those coming from a newer fingerprint reader will like it that much though.

      Accuracy wise it's fine.

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    I've had the A50 for a few months now. Fingerprint scanner was the biggest disappointment for quite a while but the face unlock worked well. Just a couple of weeks ago there was a system update that has drastically improved the finger print scanner performance. It's not lightning fast or anything but it's satisfactory for me now. It works most of the time now and is much faster to reject your attempt than it was previously, which was a major problem prior to the update.
    I've read that setting up your fringerprints in a dark room gets the best results (it is an optical sensor so it makes some sense I suppose).