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Kogan Professional Camera Tripod (Carbon) - $39 (Save $140) + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Was looking for a decent tripod and found this one on sale! Looks pretty decent for the price!

With a sturdy carbon frame, this lightweight and adjustable tripod is the quintessential photography accessory.

Portable and compact tripod
One spirit level and three leg lock positions
Max weight of 6kg
Sturdy carbon material
Sturdy, compact design that adapts to any environment

Suitable for the vast majority of DSLRs and digital cameras on the market, this tripod can go on all your photographic adventures with you. With three different leg lock positions and spirit levels, you can mount your camera at just 47cm from the ground or hoist it up to 168cm to frame the perfect shot.

Adjustable, user friendly head mount

A ball head lets you adjust your positioning to the degree. Featuring a quick release plate, your camera can be removed or mounted in seconds.

A spirit level, compass and compact transportation for adventurous photographers

Adding to the precision of the fully rotational mount, a spirit level and a built-in compass ensure that every component is perfectly aligned. This greatly assists in uneven outdoor environments and ensures your photography is crystal clear.

When your shoot’s wrapped, simply fold down to a height of just 60cm and place it in the fitted bag for easy and compact travelling.

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  • Carbon vs carbon fibre… hmmm

  • I assume they mean carbon steel :)

    Edit: although that's quite light!

  • i assume the colour is carbon actually…

  • is it any good?? any other recommendations?

  • Buy once, buy quality.

  • Max Height: 168cm - Not great if you are going to be using it standing up, unless you're a shorty.

    • 168cm + height from tripod mount to viewfinder is maybe 173cm. Then add some more to get to the top of the head of a person and that is bordering on a 6 foot person. That isn't a shorty in my books.

  • looks similar to zomei 699c except the ballhead. that said im very happy with the zomei 699c as a good travel tripod.

  • I'm gonna give it a go.

    • Appears to have the same legs as other carbon fiber tripods. Just looking at the texture of the legs.
    • When I went looking for something "reasonable" 4-months back, I couldn't find much that was less than 100.
    • Assuming that it is what it says it is … I would expect a going price of 150, so an original price of 179 doesn't seem like a stretch.
    • And looks good enough as a backup at worst.
  • Hmm 7 reviews. Average of 4.7 and yet there's no actual reviews that I can see. Anyone else see them?

  • I've been holding off on getting a tripod for what feels like an age. Would getting this kind of thing be fine for a beginner photographer, or is it best to just hold off a bit longer and get something with a better rep/quality?

    • Optimally, best get something that you really want and that meets your needs and quality expectations. Though, if you don't know exactly what you want, and you're unsure which features are important to you, then this wouldn't be a bad option … from the perspective of paying 39+delivery to learn and understand what you really want from a tripod.

      There are lots of other tripods, which cost more and probably worse quality. The other option is to look at second-hand tripods, but I would say the quality stuff tend to hold their value anyway.

      • Thanks for the input!

        I think I might give the aluminium version a try (150g extra weight for $10 less seems super reasonable to work out what I want).

  • It appears to have an Arca-Swiss style plate. Not bad if it is fully compatible.

  • My thoughts on this are:
    1. 6kg rating is fairly low for a tripod of this size, especially given that this is a spec which is usually overstated
    2. the spider (where the legs attach to the head) looks very flimsy
    3. leg lock threads look like they're plastic rather than metal

    All that being said, I've seen a lot worse at much higher prices. If you have a fairly light camera setup, it might be worth a punt.