Where to Buy iPhone 11 Pro Max?

I'm looking to buy my partner an iPhone 11 pro Max for her birthday next weekend (I know that I have left it too late to get it delivered by then but that's ok.) I'm having troubles finding somewhere that has them in stock and sells them outright. I'd rather pay a little more and buy from a business than from eBay if possible. My local Harvey Norman (Mount Isa) don't sell them outright and Officeworks online is out of stock of the 64gb and 256gb models that I'm looking for. Kogan is selling them pre-sale for 23rd October. Telstra and Optus only do them on plans which I am not interested in.
Does anyone know where I can buy one from please?


  • Apple website

  • I just checked its out of stock in every Apple Store in Melbourne for 2-3 weeks.

    I think you and your wife will just have to wait I'm sorry.

    • OP is in Queensland but I just had a look.

      256 pro max midnight green, available today for pickup @ Doncaster.

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    Have you checked Jb hi fi?

    • I didn't think to try JB, they had what I wanted and express delivery. Bought one thank you!

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    Check out Costco. You might get lucky as they sell it for less than RRP($1830 last time I checked).

  • Please advise. Is it a 64gb or 256gb you are after? With respect, there is quite a difference.

    • I'll be happy with either one. But if I could choose I'd probably go the 64gb to save a few dollars.

  • OfficeWorks want $1897 (https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/iphone-11-…) but as you say no stock online.
    Apple’s price is $1899, delivered.
    No big difference so it looks like wherever you can get speediest delivery
    IFrog $1956 has silver in stock (https://www.ifrog.com.au/epages/Ifrogs.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPath=…)
    Hope this helps.

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      Thank you, I bought one this morning from JB Hifi for around $1900 with express delivery due on Sunday 13th. Fingers crossed it gets here on that day for her birthday!

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        Bless you! You are a good husband!

      • Unbelievably, it actually arrived on Thursday, 2 days after ordering it on Tuesday morning! I've never had anything delivered to Mount Isa so fast, I've waited longer for pizzas!

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