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Optus - $30 Unlimited Talk & Text 35GB SIM Starter Kit for $15 + Free Delivery


$30 SIM Starter Kit for $15 + Free Delivery.

Buy a SIM now and activate on Optus Prepaid Epic Data to receive:

35GB standard data on first three Optus Prepaid Epic Data recharges.

After 3rd recharge, $30 recharge gives you 10GB standard data. First three recharges must occur within 90 days of activation. Plus up to 10GB streaming data only on Netflix, Stan, ABC iView, ABC Kids and ABC ME.

Charged per KB. Positive MyData balance and subscriptions required. Data on first three recharges applies for new customers.

Up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry. Streaming data does not roll over.

Unlimited calls to standard national numbers, 13/1300 numbers and Voicemail. Unlimited standard national SMS and MMS.

Unlimited standard international calls from Australia to Canada, mainland China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, UK and USA. Offer ends 29/09/19.

$5 EXTRAS CREDIT: For international calls and messages, roaming and selected premium SMS services.


Limited to 1 per customer.

Activate on chosen plan within 30 days of purchase.

Offer ends 20/10/2019.

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    So it seems that Optus offer better prepaid plans than postpaid? Am I missing something? Cheapest postpaid is $39 and only includes 10GB of data.


    When you activate this $30 sim starter pack for the first time, are Optus including the Bonus 25GB Data with this first 28 day activation?
    Might sound like a noob question, but with some of these sim starter packs that have start up credit this is not counted as one of the first 3 recharges, therefore no bonus data until you Re-Charge. Can't remember which Telco it was ( don't want to always blame Telstra lol ), but often they change offers and eventually copy various offers/non offers. Got Bonus data included two months ago still with boost on sim starter pack.

    If 35GB included on these instantly then great for people activating just for data or people wanting best offers for sim sl**ing.

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      Activation is counted as 1st recharge so you get 25GB bonus data. Also include 10GB Netflix/Stan/ABC streaming data.


        Thanks for the reply. Makes this offer pretty good value at $15 then.

        Just wondering when you last activated new sim to confirm inclusions for this deal?

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          One week ago and you also get one entry to recharge and win promo. It is the best time to activate it if you got them <=$10 from previous deals.


            @Neoika: Cheers. As I buy lot's of sim packs when their on sale, and then just activate as needed on priority of expiry dates/best offers at that time/reception needed etc.

            I had loads of Vodafone sims stockpiled and just ran into a wall with $330 worth ( full price ) not being able to be activated as Vodafone says they are too old and purchased over a year ago, although I am still able to activate some old stock manufactured 2014 ).

            Have called Vodafone a few times and last call was offered a refund if I go and call up in store, so see what happens when I try, would be a good result if it works.

            Still keen to use up all my 6 other Vodafone sims first now and keep better records of when sims are purchased and use up within a year to avoid this happening in future.

            Someone on here said same happened with their Boost sim packs, they failed to activate although well within expiry date as Boost said purchased over a year ago, not sure if info is true, but more careful now.


    Optus deals are not good value lately


      Optus is running a recharge and win promotion for prepaid plans toward the end of this year so I guess the starter packs won't be cheap for a while.


      Don't you think this deal is pretty decent for $15, 35gb + 10gb for extras, especially if you prefer the Optus Network for best speed/reception in your needed area of use?

      Personally I have noticed most telcos have reduced their data inclusions for your $ with exception of Boost and still some good Kogan offers.


    Is it possible to port an existing number to these sims or do you get a new number with them?