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Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Windforce OC 3X 8GB Video Card $756 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Futu Online eBay


$696 if you use shopback to claim bonus $60 cashback. See link below for details. Must be purchased before the 12am Thursday 10th October.

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  • any 2080 super deals ?

  • buy now, think later! Got it with the shopback cashback, thanks!

    • I might have to cancel and repurchase with the Shopback promo, then again the time it will take for PayPal to give me the $$ back will certainly PO' the wife.

    • Just seen that deal, Bloody spent $1200 like two days ago on a 2080 super and another $460 on a Dell 240hz monitor and then another 180 on a AIO and a case fan all this week.

      • That Dell 240Hz has been on sale on eBay for the last month for under that price, including a long stretch where it was $430 from both eBay and Dell… I'm not sure timing is your issue here?

        • Honestly that one i just didn't want to wait for the dell site to come back.
          GPU was the cheapest it's been for the model i bought, and the AIO was also cheapest.

    • Yeah, that's the way. If you have bought enough of the ebay gift cards amount when the UK deal was on, it would have been a further 18% off the $756, plus the $60 from Shopback, bargain at $560. Am I right in my calculation there?

  • Does this come with the Call of Duty promo? Futu's other listings mention the promo but no mention of it on this item for some reason….

    • Seems like no as it's $30 cheaper than the same GPU with COD

    • yes all rtx cards do but some dont show the image just as soon as you purchase provide invoice to manufacturer and they should send you one or to the retail store.

      • Futu finally replied to my message and I can confirm this is correct - this graphics card is eligible with the promo.

  • Personally the Gaming OC one is a better buy for $100+ more. You get one extra year of warranty + COD game and better overclocking potential ( I was able to hit 2075hz boost clock)

    I bought it last week when shopback was running the 10% off + 10% off voucher + 5% off ~ $720 . The game itself is worth $79 at launch so card itself cost $640

  • Can't specifically see if this is compatible with the EK gpu block im wanting to get :S

  • Want to pull the trigger but can anyone comment around Futu and RMAs?

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