Xbox One S or PS4 for First Console Buyer

I'm a PC gamer in late 20s and I'm looking to buy my first console. So what do you guys recommend?


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    PS4 my reasoning for this is simple PC and PS4 covers every exclusive game (switch not included) xbox's exclusives are mostly all on PC while PS4's are not.
    I own a PC and PS4 Pro

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    If you're not replacing PC gaming, and simply adding to it, the PS4 for it's exclusives. If you are replacing PC gaming, the Xbox, it doesn't have awful controllers like playstations, and has backwards compatibility for previous gen games. Of course if older games don't matter you can buy custom Xbox style controllers for the PS4, well worth the money.


      I'm contemplating mainly on moving with Xbox due to it's backward compatibility which I could play older games on given the next gen is probably around the corner. But I'm not entirely sure what older games would look like on a new console. Any thoughts?


        You have to do your homework first before you think of playing older games on X1 as not all older games can be played on the X1 - your games must be on the compatible list otherwise it wont work, in terms as how does it look…it looks exactly the same as it was on the old Xbox.

        I revisited Lost Odyssey and some older games on the X1, i honestly didn't notice any improvement and that includes loading time.


          If you get the Xbox one X, there are a few older games that have had 4k updates on the system (from memory that includes games such as Half Life 2, Portal, Red Dead Redemption, Darksiders, Banjo Kazooie Series and more), but they are somewhat limited and most will run at the same resolution they ran at on the 360.

          For the few OG Xbox titles on the system, all will be upscaled to whatever-model-you're-playing-on's resolution, i.e. 4k on the One X and 1080p (minus the cropping due to aspect ratios) on the One/One S.


    If you are leaning towards Xbox, I would recommend getting the Xbox one X instead of the one s since the former one is more powerful. Like others pointed out, PlayStation has console exclusives but for me I mostly play online multiplayer games. I opted for an Xbox one s when it was first released as I could get Xbox live gold membership cheaper than PlayStation plus, easy external harddrive connectivity and found the Xbox controller to be better than the PS4 controllers although I am missing out on an inbuilt charger for the controller, no VR bundle and it's too hard to get the kinect adapter. As far as the gameplay goes they look much better than the previous gen

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    Seems someone is down voting the people recommending Sony…

    I wish I bought a PS4 years ago instead of the XB1. Most exclusives now are Play Anywhere titles and I'd rather sit at my PC and play them than on a couch/in bed.
    Secondly, growing up with a Playstation 1 and 2 means that most of the exclusive titles I actually like are still on PS. Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Crash CTR etc.

    I think that you should look at the games that are out there for each console. Even a Switch wouldn't be a bad idea. If you grew up with an N64, then maybe it's time to visit the new Zeldas and Marios?


    PS4 should be your first choice - I gave Xbox few chances to impress me but it never did, I bought X1S, X1X hoping to be impressed by the first party titles but so far it was just ok and really not worth the wait, I ended up using it for 4k players but even then its not as good as a dedicated players.

    If you're on ADSL 2, then you will have a problem with Xbox because the console will need to install and download everything before you can play any of it, PS4 will let you play even if you haven't finished downloading the patch or portion of the game (there are some games though required you to install part of the game before you can boot it - but its quite rare, you normally insert the disc and ready to play and they install updates or other part of the game in the background).

    With Xbox though, it will need to install everything and if you're on adsl 2, have fun waiting for those download.

    PS4 exclusives are awesome, you shouldn't miss it if you going into console way of gaming. PS4 doesn't have 4k players built in though so thats a downside if you want that and no Dolby Atmos capabilities.


    If you plan on keeping a high powered PC as well as this potential new console, you should effectively rule out Xbox One unless you want the X for the few older games it runs at higher resolutions OR want to double it up as a home theatre device for its 4k Blu ray capabilities.

    PS4 is the obvious choice if you're interested in cinematic action games which they've been specialising in this gen, or even Consider a Nintendo Switch as it will open up a whole new realm of non-PC games to you and give you a new way to experience games in a handheld form which, at the very least, could be a nice novelty for the first few months or so.


    I would go for XB1, because of the future expectation. With XB1, it's more likely you will continue to enjoy whatever you buy. In relation to the upcoming next-gen, games and accessories will still be usable if you upgrade (for PS5 likely only PS4 games). In relation to online multiplayer, XB1 supports more cross-platform multiplayer, so it's more likely you can play with your friends, regardless of their (future) choices (assuming PC and Nintendo). There are xbox play anywhere titles, which means buying them once allows you to play them either on pc or xbox, so if it turns out you don't like your console, you'll still be able to play those games on your pc. With the possibility of game streaming becoming bigger (either inside your house, or from a server), and porting over your current digital games, I expect Microsoft to be better set up for that race, but honestly, it's too early to tell. PS5 has more good exclusives right now, but with Microsoft having gone and buying up studios, we don't know if that will continue to be true in the future.


    PS4 has had better exclusives this generation especially single player, story driven action games, but these can be quite slow/boring and hard for a casual gamer to pick up and play. Ive found I only played through PS4 games once, and never played them again.

    Xbox One I tend to use more. Mainly due to the large selection of excellent xbox 360 titles that I loved back in the day. Especially Halo.


    this all really depends on what you plan on using the console for.

    • If after unique story driven games then go PS4

    • If after older console classics then either xbox if they are on the backwards capability list, playstation if they have a reboot/remake coming or even a switch if you love the older nintendo games

    • If after multiplayer gaming then check with your friends and get the same consoles as them. even though there will be cross platform games coming out soon, being on the same system will be much more convenient

    • After different games than PC, mainly PS4 then but playing games on console always feels different than PC even if the same game. for instance PUBG on PC is much faster paced with everyone managing to pickup weapons and whatever very quickly, while on console it is a slower as navigating through menu's and lists with a controller is harder than a mouse. due to this games have a different feel.

    i have an xbox and gaming PC. i'm not really fussed about the PS4 exclusives as i don't have enough time these days to play story driven games. i mainly play multiplayer with friends.

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