This was posted 2 years 1 month 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Prime, Pre Order,PS4] Death Stranding $59.15 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Death Stranding has been lowered to the unusual price of $64.15 on Amazon - can be pre-ordered for $59.15 for Prime members.

The game launches on November 8, 2019.

There is also this listing from an unverified seller, for the price of $30.22, it is also the first listing when you search for the game… I would not trust this one however:

The one I've linked is from Amazon AU themselves. However maybe buying from the above link would see Amazon reimbursing/sending you the product for that price anyway, but it's a gamble. I'm thinking both that price and their own are errors.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    So Amazon will automatically lower my preorder price? I ordered last week with the $5 off preorder thing for $63

    Edit/ yep my order total now shows this price.

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      Yes, I just checked my online order and it has been lowered to $59.15.

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      I’m impressed by this. I know they say you’ll get it for the price you order it for or lower, but to see the cheaper price reflected almost immediately.. good form Amazon.

  • is it worth to risk the cheap one? can you get a refund if not sent?

    • Not at all. Happens all the time. You'll get refunded by Amazon after a while but you'll get nothing and Amazon will have to chase the scammer for the $$

      • good to know! thank you! :)

  • Would be handy to mention release date in the description.

  • Does amazon au still deliver preorders after the launch date? :/ last time I pre ordered game arrived 2 days after launch as it only left the warehouse on the day of launch

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      Borderlands 3 arrived the afternoon of release day for me. North Brisbane.

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      Did you have Prime? I pre-ordered Resident Evil 2 and RDR2 with Prime delivery. RE2 arrived 1 day BEFORE release date and RDR2 arrived on release date.

      • no prime just normal amazon

    • They mostly arrive on release. I think twice I had it the day before release and once or twice not until Monday.

    • I've had maybe close to 10 pre orders from Amazon and all have arrived on or before release day except for 1, which was code vein. It shipped the day before release but because the release day was a public holiday (grand final) it didn't arrive. Was a bit pissed off because it was originally planned to ship 2 days before, but they gave me a $15 credit when I complained.

    • Yes they may. Yooka-Laylee was posted day of release for me.

      • yeah thats exactly what happened to me which was pretty stupid i might try again as price is attractive

    • Some do, some don't in my experience. Extremely frustrating when it says "guaranteed delivery" and it doesn't rock up until Monday when released on Friday.

    • I pre-ordered the new yooka laylee from amazon au. Up until this morning it said the item would arrive today but had not yet been sent, then I received an email that they are out of stock and don't know when more will be available. Chat support was unhelpful and am now waiting on a call back.

      Unsure how a company amazon's size can fail to manage pre-order stock, but I wont be pre-ordering from them again.

  • grab one :)

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    That's low enough for me to not bother waiting for reviews. In the mood for a weird Kojima game anyway.

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      The reviews are out already. Albeit by people who have never played the game and will write a review based on a trailer and hype.

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        Did not neg you.

        Review embargo will probably be lifted on 1 Nov (1 week before the game is released to the public).

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    That cheaper one is fresh second hand actually. The seller will buy from those finish the game in 2 days.

  • My prime preorder seems to be stuck at $64.15

    • For me the unit price says $64.15, but if you scroll down to payment info, and preordered when the prime $5 preorder discount was active originally (if you preordered before they had the discount active it then you don’t get it), you’ll see the $5 discount applied and the $59 price tag.

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    Silly question but I can't seem to find the amazon version?
    Only this cheaper version on the amazon page which I'm not bothering with :) Just wanted the $59 amazon version.

    • Bottom left there is a from other sellers,

      • I see the other sellers option (Amazon) but when I click pre-order it doesn't add anything to my cart.
        No stress, might just grab it from JB otherwise but was curious. Thanks anyway.

      • Is that still working for you?

    • Having the same issue here

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      yes appears amazon shutdown the preorder

      only the dodgy $30 one is available, which everyone should avoid since it has a late november delivery date very likely reselling second hand games

  • Yeah gone for me too.

  • Doh! Was about to buy one then got distracted with work stuff and couldn't find the amazon version, damn work stuff!!!
    All good, will keep an eye out for the amazon version anyway.

    • at least you got work, mate

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    *Update - It won't let me update the post but basically, even though I initially posted the link to the Amazon AU product listing, it's directing people to the dodgy $30.22 one from this unverified seller. Amazon have taken down their own listing for the time being for some reason, perhaps due to it being a price error / out of stock.

    • Holy crap, I'm sure they'll get more stock, but I don't think I've ever seen preorder stock exhausted on Amazon.

      • I have with a Switch game once, Fire Emblem three houses. It went out of stock during the pre order period. But that was in the week before release. Not a month away. And I reckon Nintendo drip feed supply out to a degree in order to create fake demand.

      • Borderlands 3. They took down the listing so you could only buy PS4/XBX1

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          I've learned a valuable oz Bargains lesson by not locking this in earlier when it was posted…
          You snooze, You lose!

  • $68 now

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      Yep. Can probably assume it was a price error. Wonder if they'll still honour the $64.15 price despite them not charging us until the games ships.

      • It's less than $4. No reason why they wouldn't honour it.

  • Anyone here with an existing pre-order from before whose final price wasn't automatically lowered as part of the pre-order guarantee?

    Edit: all sorted now

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    Not buying into the Kojima hype after MGS V - The biggest let down ever in gaming history.

    Waiting a couple of weeks until fans play through it and give uncompromised reviews, unlike MGS V which got 10/10 reviews based on a 40 hour "boot camp" organised by Konami for journalists.

    • +1

      Really? Did not like it at all?

      I absolutely loved it. I first played on ps3 and had over 150 hours on it. Then more recently did it all again on ps4 and actually got the platinum (I think took me around 60-70 hours). I was obsessed. And I probably give it a 9/10 just on the game play alone. The story was silly and it was blatantly not a finished product. BTW this is the phantom pain you're talking about? Not the other one before it, can't even remember the name of it now. That was actually terrible.

      • Gameplay great but ultra repetitive. I might revisit it later at some point but the story was a massive letdown and yes the game was incomplete!

  • How is it out of stock for a preorder??

  • Haha got it

  • Just ordered this at $68 and somehow got a $10 promotion applied.

    So got it for $58. Sweeeet!

  • No idea what this game is about but preordered.. :/ I knew there was a reason I did the PS4 Pro upgrade at EB

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