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SoundPEATS TruePods True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones $37.56 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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SoundPEATS TruePods True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones in-Ear Stereo Wireless Earphones with Dual Mic Built-in, Touch Control, One-Step Pairing, Total 20 Hours Play Time

RRP $51.99

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  • Are these any good? Any reviews?

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      I've got a set of these, not bad for the price. The connection can sometimes be a little hit and miss, but good to have USB-C at the price. My first set died/stopped connecting to any bluetooth device, but the supplier replaced them no questions asked.

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      Ive got these, comfort and audio performance pretty good for the price. Negatives - mic is a bit shitty for phone calls, and I also have issues pairing only 1 bud at a time (ie. for one ear phone calls). BUT - for this price category, can put up with it.

  • The reviews on Amazon seem pretty convincing

  • Deal over, 100% claimed, missed out

    • join the waitlist. you might get lucky

    • 90% claimed right now. I just ordered, they'll be here Wednesday.

  • They've been cheaper.

    Actually that post directs to earphones that look a little different to these ones…

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      Yes, I think the OP ones are new versions (July/2019)

    • The ones in OP are dual mic (two per earphone) four in total so apparently the call sound is better?

  • Dammit was one click away from checkout and missed out

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      they added more stock

      • Thank you got the alert to your comment and ordered a pair!

  • How do these compare to their other offerings such as

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      at a glance, your link has:
      35 hr battery life compared to 20 hr
      both have bluetooth 5.0
      cheaper ones have usb c whereas your link has micro usb
      both have mic etc

      probably some other differences too.

      • That link looks much better than the OPs….
        Why does USB C matter so much?

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          it actually has a lot of benefits, not all important to this type of device though.

          reversible connector so you don't have to "struggle" to insert, it's much more durable than micro usb, higher wattage, higher transfer rates, can be used with an adapter for hdmi/vga

          overall it's just way better than the standard usb adapter. mostly useless for earbuds though.

          • @Kozhutki: Yeh that was my point, in this application.

            • @specwarop: still rather the faster charge and less of a hassle connecting the usb though :)

        • There may or may not be a deal for the ones i linked tomorrow (messaged the seller a few days ago asking if there were any upcoming deals/coupons).

          • @beaver2233: Whens?

            • @specwarop: The response I got was today between 11:50am - 7.50pm. Though maybe they were referring to this deal and pushed it forward a day.

    • How do these compare to these other SoundPEATS -

      • Those are the same as the ones I linked, just a bigger case (bigger battery).

  • I got these. They are fantastic. Small form factor and fits well in my ears.

  • I find the touch controls annoying. I constantly end up skipping tracks accidentally.

    They're good for running though, stay in my ears. The mic is decent too

    • Can you adjust the volume with these?

  • +1

    cheers op, didn't need them but i reckon they might come in handy for some late night tv!

  • Whats up with the amazon reviews clearly being from a different set of headphones….

  • Any deals on the True capsule? I this and True capsule. True Capsule are actually better in call quality because the mic is in the stem. I bought last time for $32.xx.

    • I liked the case. But did it come with usb c cable?

      • no usb c, Bass is same on both but voice call were better on True capsule.

  • Omg, was waiting for a deal on this last week. Sold out so quickly that I didn't get a chance to pick them up

  • It is showing the normal price of $51.99
    Guessing the discounted price stock is all gone.

  • received mine. when i put it to charge it wont disconnect from the phone ( i have to manually disconnect), annoying.

    • Did you peel off the plastic tabs that prevent it from charging? That's how this headphone detects it has been put into a case

      • Thanks, I got the same reply from their support. they were charging but noticed that the red light was on and off. they suggested clean the contacts and that worked.

  • Hope this deal comes back :(

    • I dunno if you should, I got mine and I'm not that impressed tbh. Sounds is ok. There seems to be a lot of micro disconnects with the earbuds where one or the other side just drop for a moment and it immediately makes you think about them, immersion -100!

      I was spoiled by the quality of my last set no doubt, I had the Bose earbuds and they were amazing until they fell out the door of my car and got ran over by a neighbor.

      • Ohh thanks so much for your review :D I'll probably look for another one then hahaha

  • +1

    Received these yesterday, they are trash, they do not seal at zero, almost zero base. I will be returning and buying something else.

  • What is the mic quality like? I intend on using whilst walking outdoors and in the train.

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