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[PS4] PlayStation VR Game Deals - Borderlands 2 VR $32.35, Batman Arkham VR $13.34 & More @ PlayStation Store


Some great deals of PSVR game titles only for roughly 2 weeks!
142 games listed.

NOT within this deal link (until 17/10):

Blood & Truth 53% off $25.45 ($30 without PS+)
(thanks Hazard for pointing this out. Not a part of this promo in the main link)

Astro Bot Rescue Mission 64% off $19.45 ($25 without PS+)
Anyone with a VR who does not play this is non deserving of their VR.
Apparently some people are lucky enough to get this for free via email. Details:

WipEout 62% off $17.95
The entire game is VR compatible
Recently was a part of PS+ monthly games.

Everybody's Golf 42% off $22.95 (24.95 without PS+)

The deals above are until 17/10

Highlights include:
Borderlands VR 57% off $32.35 ($39 without PS+)

Batman Arkham VR 55% off $13.34

Moss 55% off $17.95 (first time I've seen it this cheap. Plus new levels were recently released for free)

Rez Infinite 60% off $17.95

Thumper (both regular and VR) 60% off 11.95

Shooty Fruity 55% 0ff $13.45 ($16.45 without PS+)

Apex Construct 53% off $13.95

Tetris Effect 34% $35.95

Superhot VR has two versions one with a bundle. $17.95-$24.95

Any recommendations?

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  • +2 votes

    Moss is excellent, similar to Astrobot.

    Superhot is a unique experince and very enjoyable.

    Creed is great, you will get sweaty!

    Kep Talking & Statik are excellent puzzle games.

    I will be buying Batman VR, have heard it contains one of the best VR experiences to date.


    Still waiting for Richies Plank to come on sale

  • +8 votes

    I wish Beat Saber would go on special, it never does though.

    • +3 votes

      That is the first thing I checked for.

    • +3 votes

      Same thing my kids are asking for. So expensive for a pretty basic game

      • +3 votes

        For me personally if I divide the cost of the game by my time spent playing it then beat saber is easily the best value game I currently have for vr

      • +1 vote

        Don't wait to save $10 you will get your money even at $50

        • +1 vote

          They’ll get it when I say they can lol

          Just got him the mega pack and he also bought FNAF VR

          That’s enough for a few weeks before he buys another game Lol


            @Danstar: Back in the days it was 1-3 years before a new game came into the house! (And wasn’t even a latest release)

            Kids have it good these days.


              @YoursTruly: Indeed they do. Was just talking to mate about toys/games used to play as a kid and aren't popular these days. It's because kids have way too much choice in this day and age that they won't experience and appreciate as much what they have. (I'm sure every generation says this about the new generation)


          Nice try, Beat Games.

    • +1 vote

      I ended up buying the game for full price because it never goes on sale. 100% worth full price


    Tetris Effect is also on sale for $35.95. Only game that i really play on my PSVR.

  • +2 votes

    Doesn't look to be in the promo list but Blood & Truth is 43% off at $30.95

  • +1 vote

    Everybody's Golf VR is also 22.95$ you can add it to your list.


    Highly recommend everyone loves gold if your into put put. Great time with a beer on the green

  • +2 votes

    I would highly recommend Pinball FX2 VR, absolutely the closest and best pinball experience by far out there. The detail in the tables is outstanding, I have most of the tables on PC via Pinball FX3 (NON VR) and rarely play them now as they dont compare to the PSVR experience.

    Well worth the $11.25 after the 50% off, DLC is also on sale.


    Beside Moss,
    Blood & Truth is a good game either.
    It got a high score on IGN

  • -1 vote

    It's good for people who have it but how well do these VR games sell anyway? The only one I've seen get any buzz is AstroBot but I'm not about to go out and pay $300 for a peripheral for one game.


    sigh.. 8 VR games added to my pile of shame, but some absolute classic experiences in there that I will definitely make the time to check out.

  • +1 vote

    Tried out Astobot on the new PS4 Pro for the first time last night after having already previously played a bit on the slim it replaced.

    Gotta say, a very notable step up in VR on the Pro thanks to the extra processing grunt - a much crisper looking world with better draw distances.

    Some parts of that game I just can’t get the smile off my face 👍🏻


    I didn’t even know having a Pro made the games look better in VR.


    Ace Combat 7 deluxe is on a reasonable promo atm for anyone that's interested…

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