This was posted 4 years 8 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PS4] Free - Astro Bot Rescue Mission VR Full Game for PlayStation Plus Members @ PlayStation Store


I received this email:

Free game just for you!

No catch, no strings… we’re just giving you a free PlayStation®VR game.

Download the award-winning ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission… and blast off on an epic adventure to save Captain ASTRO’s missing crew-bots.

Use your exclusive voucher code at PlayStation™Store now.

The email contained a unique 12 digit code.

Terms and Conditions
Reading the terms and conditions, it looks as though the offer started rolling out in April and goes through until December. I only received the email today.

The offer is targeted and only for select PlayStation Plus accounts, and it is the full game. You must opt in to receive Sony marketing emails to receive any of these Sony promotions.

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  • Not begging for it or anything, but I shitcanned PS+ a while back and have a VR not getting much use. If someone gets a code and don't even have VR, and feels nice enough to DM me, that'd be swell.

    • +3

      This game is the best reason to own PSVR. It's fun, innovative and incredibly charming. 3D platformers just aren't the same again after this. I would kill for a 3D Mario game in VR like this one, but it won't happen because Nintendo doesn't have viable VR and likely never will. (Labo with Mario and Zelda are incredibly tacked on and very nausea inducing).

      I shitcanned PS+ too but have a spare 12 month code to activate when good games start appearing again.

  • Damn, didn't get one :(
    Maybe they'll send me a code later this year.

  • +11

    If you have a PSVR you should have already bought this game, it's easily the best VR game on PS so far.

    • Yes, watching the trailers and videos you won't think much of it. But playing the game and seeing from the VR perspective is ridiculously fun.

      • That's true. I got PSVR the bundle deal during the Amazon sale thing and this was not at all what I expected from a VR game. Very pleasantly surprised.

        • +2

          For more is the same style, try MOSS. It's on a couple of those PS VR demo discs you can download.

          Also Trover saves the universe, same style gameplay, waaaay different game

          • @Nalar: Moss is the closest game to it, but it's nowhere near as good. Moss is centered around puzzle solving, Astro is more about traversal and finding hidden collectibles (always satisfying to find a hidden bot).

            I did not like the way Moss controlled. It would control better on other VR platforms, but with dual shock 4, when you tilt your controller, the camera loses sight of the light bar on the DS4 and it leads to unreliability and frustration. It has no support for move controllers which are also inadequate without analog sticks.

            PSVR2 needs to ditch the move controllers.

    • I preferred tetris effect, could not get into Astro Bots.

  • +2

    Got it on sale two days ago. No ragrets!

    • Did you pickup no man's sky for $25 well?

      • I was going to, and then realized I had it in my library already from some previous sale I forgot about. 😆

        • which speaks volumes of the game right up until the NEXT update. Now that Beyond is out it's the game it should always have been.

          • @Nalar: I’m digging the update. Haven’t tried VR yet. Is it good?

            • @cnut: yeah t's good. Not as nice as PC VR but still awesome experience

  • That is awesome. I have a PSVR and PS Plus but didn't receive an email. Still really cool for the people who got it and it would be interesting if they are targeting PSVR users or potential buyers?

  • why do i not get these emails… didnt get the one for the sony headphones either.

    • +1

      Have you opted in to receive marketing emails from Sony? You won’t get any of these offers otherwise.

      • i'm a spam whore and i didnt get this email either. Looks VERY targeted.

      • Hey aka12, where do you opt-in? Is it the tickbox under Notification Settings, or is there some where else?


    • PM me and I will send you my code

      I used the Qantas offer and they, the new in ear NC ones, arrived yesterday. Fantastic

      Was thinking of cancelling then getting the headphones and a PS4 Pro (which I don’t really need as only issue with current PS4 is eject Hutton does not work) using AMEX but would have to go to Sony store (which are all in North Sydney!) to get them to price match Amazon, all became too hard and keeper of the vault would disapprove…

  • +1

    No mans sky was $25? Damn. Missed that one. What’s the cheapest physical copy these days?

    Astrobot is awesome, but disappointed they canned the 2 player co-op part of it like the Playroom VR game.

    Odd that I didn’t get the promo code for this as I get all the other marketing emails. Oh well. Have it on disc anyways!

    • +1

      There was an eBay seller that had sealed for $10 about a year ago, might still exist.
      Had a look and nothing sorry. Crazy how much it’s gone up in price

      • +1

        Haha I got one of those copies, they raised the price not long after because they announced the multiplayer update.

  • I think you literally have to buy nothing for months to even get emails like this.

    • I've bought 3 games from the Playstation Store in the last month and got the offer.

  • +4

    If you have a PSVR and didn't get this game immediately, you're not doing it right.

  • so theres only one person who got this offer?

  • +1

    This game is awesome. Best platformer I've played in ages. And it's so cute.

  • Have yet to get this e-mail despite having PS Plus and being signed up for the e-mails. Weird.

  • code wanted..

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