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Free Shipping on All Orders (No Minimum Spend) @ Down Under Socks


Free Shipping on All Orders! No Minimum Spend!

Down Under Socks is the place where you can pamper yourself
with some of the craziest, fun socks available online!
Have a sock-a-licious time shopping with us!

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Down Under Socks
Down Under Socks



    Ummm, "One size fits most – Men’s US Size 6-12.5 / Women’s US Size 4-10.5"

    Is that based on a man's ability to estimate 6 inches?


    Anybody ever bought these? What’s the quality like?

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    Better prices from big w, target, kmart.

    Cheapest sock for 1 pair was some $8.00 waving cat design sock.

    Everything else was above $10.00 for 1 pair of socks.

    Seen socks as low as $2-3 a pair from big w and target personally usually in 3 packs.