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Breville BBL915 'The Boss' Super Blender $350.10 Delivered/ Pickup (Discount in Cart) @ David Jones


The "big boss" is on sale for the price of $350.10. Sale price is $389 but there is additional 10% off today. Get the big boss today and blend it up.

With one touch functions including the world's first 'Green Smoothie' function and variable speeds ranging from a slow stir to a pulverising high speed mill, the BBL915 Boss also features a high velocity ProKinetix blade and bowl system.

  • 5 preset programs (Pulse/Ice crush, Smoothie, Green smoothie, Frozen dessert, and Soup)
  • Contoured blade and bowl system
  • 12 speeds variable manual controls
  • Count up and count down modes
  • Pause, resume, restart a program
  • Tamper tool and flexible scraper

Competitors are selling it at $597 and above.

Part of the David Jones 10% to 40% off Electrical sale

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  • +8 votes

    Seems to be $319 from amazon


    Looks a decent blender too. I need something to make tequila dole-whips this summer.


      This blender is amazing.

      I prefer this than my previous mid range Vitamix which was worth around $700.

      So easy to clean too


    Not as good as the Vitamix blenders but much cheaper. Hmmm


      This isn’t as good but much cheaper?


        Correct, this old YouTube video sums it up. The Breville isn't bad, but it comes second in every test. I've just done a crash course in Vitamix models in the last 15 minutes and it appears to line up with the Vitamix A2500i which is $1099 at Dj's when comparing automatic features but performance wise the cheaper manual Vitamix's would still perform better at the cost of those extras.

        FYI DJ seems to have the Vitamix range on sale too

        I'm considering the Vitamix A3500i bad boy but spending over $1000 is a hard sell. One of these Breville's will probably do everything it can do, just not as good.


          Over $1000??!

          That’s like saying a Ferrari is better than a BMW. Not exactly shocking when you compare the prices.

          Anyway, after watching that video and taking into consideration the prices difference, I’d say the Breville wins, handily.


            @gasman70: Yeah not apples for apples. The Vitamix E310 for $499 is the cheapest in the range but you forgo all automatic features so it depends what's important to you. The Breville for $319 at Amazon is a good buy. Vitamix = niche blender, 99% of consumers would never buy one.


            @gasman70: What one blends a Ferrari & the other a BMW?

            Fools and their money


          I have the A3500i and it is bad. I much prefer the old jug as it creates a better vortex and also the lid sensor is a pain in the ass. When I do my morning smoothies, sometimes my frozen ingredients would still remain as chunks, never had this problem with the old Pro Series vitamix that I had. This definitely is not an "upgrade".

          I'm actually looking into vacuum blenders now as I mainly do smoothies and almond milk only.

  • -3 votes

    So what does a $350 (or a $1000) blender do that a $30 kmart doesn't? Apart from have a better Marketing dept?

    What idiot blends a whole raw carrot, squash, etc?
    You cook them, then cut & puree.

    Reminds me if the bloke who sold/sells blenders on YouTube because you can blend an iPhone. Or the bloke selling knives because they can cut shoes. Seriously


    Is it worth upgrading for the world's first green smoothie function? I THINK YES!


    A review I read online says this averages between around 110-120dB. I currently have the NutriNinja IQ which online says is 100dB on average, is unbearably loud. So I can only imagine how loud this one is.


      You know, if we got funding, we could buy a stash of these and film a documentary on the blender symphony we wrote and performed in my backyard at 6 in the morning, called, pissing off the neighbours who don't take care of their dogs in b Flat….

    • -1 vote

      A review I read online says this averages between around 110-120dB

      For reference standing next to a passenger jet engine is about 130dB.

      Where are you going to keep the ear muffs in the kitchen?


        I literally have to use the ninja in the garage placing a container on the top just to keep the sound down. It's so loud. Seems the only option of use is to buy/make a sound dampening box.


    How's these compare to the Sunbeam Cafe Series ones?

  • +2 votes

    Green Smoothie' function

    I'm a moron and this is too stupid for me … who is buying this shit?


    Fwiw I have used one of these in our Cafe for 3.5 years. It has at stood up to quite a beating in that time. It's easily made in excess of 10000 shakes and smoothies as well as blending sugar down fine for choc powder. The latter is much harder work than smoothies.
    It is still going well with some signs of wear and tear.
    The jug is brilliant as well.