Oldest Version of Switch Worth More $$$?

I got a switch at the time of release, and from what I believe , the earliest models are able to be homebrewed/hacked etc?

I have no interest in that, so was thinking of upgrading to one of the latest models with the new processor in it.

Do the earlier models sell for more than the average $350? Would be great if I can upgrade to a new one with no extra cost.



    Even models sold late last year were hackable, so they're not exactly rare.

    Someone looking for a hackable Switch might be willing to pay a bit of a premium - but chances are most second hand units up for sale would be hackable. Worst case they can just ask the seller for the serial number.

    You can always try putting up a gumtree listing, and include the first 6 digits of your serial number to make it clear that it's hackable.


      Great info thanks mate. I wasn't aware that most models were still hackable, I thought there was only a select few from the early days.


      Be mindful that hackable models being found when purchased late last year was a rare occurrence - most other stock was long sold by mid-year.


        Yep you are right. I was lucky enough to get an unpatched unit from Amazon in October last year, but unpatched units had certainly ceased production at that point.


    As far as I’m aware the “hackable” Switch is based on software/ firmware version. So if your Switch is on the latest update from Nintendo then you’re out of luck.

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      This is incorrect.

      The gist of it is Switch's made before June 2018 are hackable. After the June 2018 it's a crap-shoot.

      There are websites that you can input your serial number to get a rough idea. Some are safe, some are maybe and some are straight up unhackable.


      I was fairly certain you would be able to format the console and reset everything?


    If it's complete in box and in excellent condition, you can definitely get over $400 for it.

    Edit. eBay prices.


    Are the boxes still the same? I have a launch day Switch, don't have the box anymore, but happy to buy a new one and sell off my old one in the new box. Even happy to keep my old accessories and Joy-Cons so everything sold will be new aside from the Switch console itself.

    Reckon I could break even?


      Boxes aren't the same. The new ones have a red background, where as the old ones were white I believe.

      I've sussed out a trade in at EB, and for everything that comes in the box, you're looking at receiving $220. With my Lv 4 bonus, it comes to around $264.
      Not great

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