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[Android] $0: Home Workouts Gym Pro (No Ad), Monkey GO Happy, Autoroid - Automation Device Settings (Expired) @ Google Play


This app is back and get it if you missed before.
Enjoy :)

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    Dear god someone get them a graphic designer

  • +13 votes

    I looked at the thumbnail, I read "No Abs" and I thought "finally, some truth in advertising".

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    Autoroid (Steroids?) - Automation Device Settings

    Can it automate workouts for me? Cause free abs would quite possibly be the best deal in OzB history.

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    Can you have Autoroid set your phone into Flight mode on a schedule (when I'm asleep)?


      You need root access to turn on flight mode, if you have root, sure.

      I actually use this App for just one thing but it's really useful for it. When I open Google Maps it automatically set the brightness to max and the sound to two third volume. Then when I exit Google Maps it goes back to whatever the brightness and sound volume was previously.

      Saves me having to turn up the brightness manually and not hearing the navigation because I didn't realise the sound was turned down.


      I had a bit more of a look, you can turn off Wifi and Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb and/or turn down sound on a schedule but to turn off Mobile Data or Gps you need to change your security settings using ADB, it has a link to a video on how to do it. Flight mode requires actual Root permissions.


        Back in Android 4 you could do it, but after that Google disabled access. I had an app called Scheduler+ which was perfect.

        It's not the sound or being disturbed that I want it for. I wanted to save a bit of battery while I sleep, knowing nobody will be calling or texting me during that time anyway. I don't leave my phone charging overnight.


      What phone do you have?
      There is "DND" mode that you could schedule that'll turn your phone to silent, not Flight mode - but depends what you want to do when you sleep.


        I don't need DND. I'm not afraid of someone calling me up in the middle of the night and waking me up. I just want to cut off cellular reception to save battery life because it's unnecessary during that time. My phone's battery life is adequate but not not amazing. I lose a few % of battery during my sleep and it's not essential to have reception during that time.

        With older Android versions you could do this but Google put a stop to it.


          If you told Google assistant to turn on flight mode, that'll do the trick. I'm also not sure if Google routines will trigger off time, but worth having a look?

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    I must be getting jaded and cynical in my old age, because I have a sneaking suspicion that the dude in that photo didn't get that ripped by using the Home Workouts Gym Pro app.

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    Abs are made in the kitchen.


    pretty cool app for free, thanks