Couriers leaving packages at door when sig required

Really annoyed by these couriers

House mate asked me if i was going to be home on my day off as he was expecting a expensive package and could i sign for it, as its sig delivery and he replied to the auto sms saying "do not leave unattended"

I ducked out to the shops to get something, come back, package is sitting on the front door soaking wet from rain.

It was a $3000 piece of electronics and luckily despite being soaking wet box, inside was fine.

Today, im expecting a nice stack of alcohol from booze bud, that was scheduled for yesterday
Im getting constant notifications,
And today the msg says, expected delivery today, we will leave it in a safe place if no one is home to sign

I may not be home all day however, leaving this expensive stuff on the front door is just ridiculous.

Im sure they have gps and a photo of items being left there but if it get stolen, that is their responsibility.

Some suggest to just report it as not received to teach them a lesson


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    Don't break the law by reporting it as not received, you open yourself up to all sorts of legal trouble if caught (never know if neighbors have security cameras, you've posted here etc.). Best thing to do is report it to Australia Post, you may get a new courier for your area and the one who left it may get disciplined.


      Good point.
      I dont want a freebie, they shouldnt just leave things there ESPECIALLY when its signature required


      I remeber years ago dhl left a package about the size of a golf bag which specifically had signature requirement on the verandah on my next door neighbour, and that wasnt cheap either

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    Better than the usual "Delivery attempted, nobody at home" bulldust when I'm sitting at my front door waiting for the courier.

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      Courier walks onto the driveway, stares quizzically at the house for 10 seconds, turns around and drives off.

      "Delivery attempted".


        Yeah. I feel sorry for them having such high quotas to meet to earn their pay. I don't blame the drivers I blame the courier companies forcing their drivers into this position.

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          Theyre paid to do a job. And they need to do it adequately,

          Wouldnt the courier lose his/her job if it said signature required and it was just left therr and too many people reported stolen goods?

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            @hellohello123: Courier will show you the GPS tracking to your doorsteps if you complain, which Fastway did it just get to the inter comm then leave the parcel to a 300 units apartment, forged my signature and leave it somewhere anyone can reach.


            @hellohello123: If you had 100 deliveries to do but only time for 80, what would you do?


              @Skramit: it would depend if it was because I was being slow or if its a once off

              if its a consistent thing, id be reporting it to my boss saying its not possible

              however, that doesnt solve the problem, but if I started leaving signature packages on the front door, id be half expecting to getting a call from my boss saying some customer hasnt recevied their $10k worht package,


                @hellohello123: I've got news for you then. This is how courier companies operate. They cut costs but having less cars on the road, thus overloading courier drivers with too many deliveries that is humanly possible. The drivers get paid per delivery, so its in the interests to be in and out of an address as fast as possible, and in a lot of cases that means faking a "delivery attempted" note in your letterbox which takes 20 seconds instead of 3 mins to actually delivery your parcel.

                Its a sad blight on the industry in Aus. But its not the drivers fault, they do their best and just wanna get paid.

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                  @Skramit: Well if thats the case, then i wont have any hesitations filing non receivals, especially if my item is stolen or damaged.

                  I dont know or care if its the drivers fault, the onus ultimately lies on the courier company to do a job that has been paid for, to deliver woth a signature

                  I dont care how tough the market, the conditions, if you make a decision to cut corners or not deliver whats promised or paid for, there are consequences.

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                    @hellohello123: That's fair… I'm not making excuses for the companies, but I do sympathise with the drivers in general given their working conditions.

                    You should never have any hesitation filing complaints about bad deliveries etc. I have myself on many occasions, but sadly nothing ever comes of it.


                      @Skramit: Fair enough, if they were a bit rude ans rushed, i wouldnt have a problem. But to me, leaving packages unattended seems a recipe for.disaster.

                      Like driving a car without insurance


                  @Skramit: I am being told they won't get paid if they just attempted.


          Yeah all well and good, but if its your package that goes missing, a different feeling…..


      Most likely it's already been dropped off at the Post Office because it didn't fit in the van and they're just delivering you a card.

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    I had the exact same issue.
    If you have the option to, use one of the free 24/7 Auspost parcel lockers.
    Completely removed any stress from deliveries and went to go pick it up after work, except if the parcel is too large for any of the available parcel lockers, in which case they just take it into the adjacent/closest PO.


    BTW Boozebud defaults to leave the package (if safe), if premises unattended.
    If you don't want this to happen, you just have to untick this box, when you place your Boozebud order.

    I send quite a lot of packages via Fastway/Officeworks Mailman and despite ticking the signature required box, quite often it is left unattended.

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      I actually dont recall having that option show up, but good to know for next time.

      I always choose no leaving unattended, because if it goes missing, i am 100% out of pocket

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    It's a total joke. Especially when they additionally refuse to deliver to PO Boxes. They effectively expect you to wait around all day for the delivery, then just leave it on the doorstep anyway or give you the "attempted delivery" BS.

    I've now reached a point where I will not order items that are being delivered via courier. I just want them sent through the normal mail with tracking to my PO Box.


      they additionally refuse to deliver to PO Boxes

      PO Boxes belongs to Auspost.

      Fees and charges may apply to carriers other than Australia Post and StarTrack to deliver parcels to PO Box services. Carriers may pass this cost on to customers.


    I had a package arrive a couple weeks ago that was a sign on delivery. During that morning I got a notification to say that the receiver (me) chose to leave it in a safe place. The idiot driver took it upon themselves to make the decision for me as I sure as hell didn't select that option.


    The problem lies in the fact that all of these companies employ contractors (to save on cost) and as such you're stuck with someone who doesn't care about the company's reputation and only cares about their pay (which is per delivery).

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    When I was a courier, we'd need special instructions to "leave it safe". This involved getting on the radio to the operator, who called the people who organised the delivery. Only if they said "leave it safe" did we do so. Otherwise, either leave it with a neighbour with signature (home or business), try again tomorrow or return it to base.

    Yes we were overworked to the point of ridiculousness in some cases. Before any long weekends, with Christmas Eve mornings being the worst - required delivery times were utterly impossible. Even wet Fridays after a dry spell were bad enough.

    I remember one job for the Wine Society, delivering a case of wine on Christmas Eve from Woolloomooloo to Emu Heights. All jobs had 2.5hr time limit, but this one was called around midday, and I eventually delivered it (past bush fire brigade road blocks) at about 7.30pm. Client was amazed I got through given this was the Black Christmas bushfires of 2001. I was NOT going to drive all that way to re-deliver on Christmas Day!…


    if it get stolen, that is their responsibility.

    It's the opposite. You need to familiarise yourself with your state Sale of Goods Act. Delivery to carrier (courier) is prima facie (on the face of it) delivery to buyer. There MAY be extenuating circumstances but generally you are legally responsible for lost or stolen goods and obtaining insurance. The merchant may help you locate missing goods but the legal responsibility is all on you so make sure you have arrangements in place to receive goods that you have ordered.

    This is law in every state and people often confuse their rights with American law which is the opposite. American companies such as eBay and Amazon shift the responsibility to the seller but this is not consistent with Australian law.


      Now that you mention it, that also sounds plausible…..

      Im still completely against having to file insurance claims, police reports and doing running around just becauae the courier cant be bothered doing his jo for whatever reason.


    I had a package dropped behind my driveway gate. Didn't even walk down the driveway. It was ~$50 value. Anyone walking by could have nicked it.

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