HOYTS General Admission Movie Ticket $11.99, LUX Movie Ticket $24.99 @ Scoopon


Hottest New Movies with HOYTS Tickets from $11.99!

One HOYTS General Admission Movie Ticket - $11.99
One HOYTS LUX Movie Ticket - $24.99

Valid for sessions screening Friday 11 October - Wednesday 27 November 2019 inclusive. No presales. Not valid Saturdays after 5:00pm and public holidays. Valid for use in Australia only - find your nearest HOYTS cinema location here: https://www.hoyts.com.au/cinemas

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    NOTE: Not valid for MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL between Thursday 17 October – Wednesday 23 October or TERMINATOR: DARK FATE between Thursday 31 October – Wednesday 6 November.
    A booking fee of $1.50 per ticket ($3 per HOYTS LUX ticket) applies to all online bookings. Not valid for special or group events. General Admission not valid for use for LUX premium offering. HOYTS LUX vouchers are valid for HOYTS LUX sessions only.


      Beat me by 9 seconds ;)

    • +3 votes

      It should work for all movies at all times. These conditions just confuse people.


        Last time this deal was on it said it wasn't valid for once upon a time in Hollywood but I just had to pay around $4 for a booking fee.

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      Lol really a fkn neg for quoting the terms on the site. Well done

      • -1 vote

        This community is like this unfortunately, last time there was a deal about call of duty having an addition mode for free on the PS4 version it was negged because people didn't agree with Activision/Sony business practises.

        Theres other examples for plastic straws deals or deals relating to firearm accessories.

      • -2 votes

        Yep. Way too many over-privileged numpties on the site unfortunately

      • We usually keep the voting anonymous on voting due to issues with fights between users, however I think it's important to reveal that the 2 negative votes on Spackbace's original comment were from denzel and Bryanalves only. Sorry but have to call out these lies for what they are as both comments are misleading to this community. Not acceptable and neither is name calling other members.

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        Wow now that's a new level of fakeness…. ^ How embarrassing.

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      Has anyone ever been able to get a logical reason as to why premium tickets attract a higher booking fee? Or why a booking fee exists considering it most likely saves on labour costs at the actual cinema?

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